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What Did OpenAI Show Apple?

My AI Wedding, Matthew Berman Interview, AI Discovers Antibiotics , Karpathy Video

Hi everyone

This is Lore, the techno-optimist newsletter. 

I’ll have to keep things a bit short this week. My wedding in Kyoto, which AI helped enable(more on that below), is this Saturday. 🎉

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What Did OpenAI Show Apple?

Apple revealed Apple Intelligence this week, with the tagline ‘AI For Everyone’.

It was much better than I expected, though none will come out until the fall. The coolest demo to me was the auto-categorization of emails.

But the important thing is what seems to be coming. We’re about to get AI integrations in the entire OS. It’s finally happening.

I believe you will soon be able to talk to any Apple device, and it will know you and the kind of stuff you need help doing. This is incredibly exciting.

My co-host Matt Wolfe did a great video explaining all the updates. I suggest you watch it to learn everything Apple has announced.

Something I didn’t expect is that Apple has its own AI, which is pretty good, as seen in these charts. It’s similar to GPT-4 in most areas. Of course, take these with a grain of salt tho because they are charts that Apple created.

So, Apple has its own AI, but in areas where OpenAI is better, it will hand the user off to an experience powered by OpenAI.

The thing people seem to be missing is that If Apple’s AI is so close to GPT-4-Turbo in benchmarks, why did they partner with OpenAI at all? And why not pick Google, a far more natural ally like how Apple uses Google for search? Especially considering OpenAI is tightly tied to Apple rival Microsoft.

What did Apple see?

I believe Sam Altman showed Tim Cook GPT-5. And it was so good that Tim bent the knee to be a roll-out partner for GPT-5.

I expect this to be just the beginning of a huge partnership. By the end of the year, we’ll likely see Siri powered by GPT-5 for text and voice, and it’ll be amazing.

I now feel more confident that Apple will be a key player in making AI mainstream and will stop selling my Apple stock. (not financial advice)

Crazy prediction: Apple will acquire Figure(a robotics startup OpenAI invested in), and they will build robots in collaboration with OpenAI to compete with Tesla / xAI.

My AI Wedding in Kyoto

I'll be getting married in Kyoto this week. As I detailed in a previous episode of my podcast, none of this would have been possible without AI.

In a series of unexpected life events, I moved from San Francisco to Kyoto two years ago. Most of that time, I've been busy working hard on this newsletter and other projects and taking care of my 10 year old son.

I never thought I'd have time to learn Japanese and meet someone here.

Then ChatGPT custom instructions came out, and I added instructions to show how I wanted to translate things and how it could break down Japanese for me so that not only would it translate but also teach me.

As I mentioned in a recent newsletter issue, I also used ChatGPT to help me get in shape by figuring out workout and diet plans.

That changed everything, and without it, I wouldn't have met my wonderful wife, who has added so much joy to my life and my son's. I've learned enough basic Japanese to get by, but at first, 100% of our conversations were using AI. Even now, all serious matters are discussed using AI.

It makes me think that over the next few years, as it becomes easy to talk to people in any language, we're going to see a few major global changes:

  1. People will be more willing to move to countries where people speak different languages. It'll be harder to get people to stay in offices.

  2. More businesses will be able to expand internationally because it will be easy to translate content to multiple languages, and they will be able to easily talk with people who speak different languages and make business deals.

  3. Improved communication and understanding across language barriers could contribute to increased cooperation and peace among nations, as world leaders and influential business owners will more easily talk directly to one another without relying on slow translators.

As AI continues to break down language barriers, it will be fascinating to see how it transforms personal relationships, business opportunities, and global dynamics. What do you think? How might AI-powered translation impact your life or business in the coming years?

The Next Wave With Matthew Berman

In this week’s episode of The Next Wave, Matt Wolfe and I spoke with Matthew Berman about the drama at OpenAI, GPT-5, Apple, and more.

I’m a big fan of Matthew’s YouTube channel. He has some of the best breakdowns of various LLMs. Even though we disagreed on a lot in this episode, it was a ton of fun having him on the show. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I hope you’ll check out the episode! It would also help if you subscribed to The Next Wave on YouTube, Apple, and Spotify.

Things I’m Learning From

  • VIDEO: Apple's Huge AI Unveiling (AI For Everyone!) - Video from my co-host Matt Wolfe about everything Apple unveiled this week.

  • EBOOK: Situational Awareness: The Decade Ahead—Written by Leopold Aschenbrenner, an ex-Open AI employee who was fired for supposedly leaking information. I included this for a second week because I’m still reading it. And, so far, despite me drawing different conclusions than he seems to, it’s a very thought-provoking read about where we currently are and where we’re heading.

  • VIDEO: Let's reproduce GPT-2 (124M) - This is a super educational and easy-to-understand video from legendary AI developer Andrej Karpathy explaining how to create GPT-2. He’s the only person that can get over 100k views on a highly technical video. Even if you’re not technical, I think this and his last video are incredibly great primers on how LLMs work.

Things Are Getting Better

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