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Live Long And Prosper With AI

🧙🏻‍♂️Elon Musk Strikes Back with $24B valuation, Bilawal Sidhu Interview, Google Algo Leak

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Question To Prepare You For AGI

How can you prepare yourself to thrive in the age of AI?

GPT-5 is supposed to be massive compared to GPT-4 based on a recent presentation by Microsoft's CTO.

Elon Musk is predicting that AGI will be coming next year.

The world is about to change forever. Act accordingly.

Live Long And Prosper With AI

With the rise of AI, humans will soon be able to live longer. And I believe with AI voice and other technologies on the way, we’ll be able to get work done faster, get off our computers, and enjoy life.

To enjoy your new, longer life, you need to be healthy.

For the last nine months in Kyoto, I’ve been using AI to help me lose weight. I’ve gone from 220 pounds and no muscle to 169 pounds and very muscular, and it’s changed my life so much.

I’m healthier and happier, and I just got married. (which I also used AI for, but that’s another story).

The main ways I’ve used AI so far are to help evaluate and try out different workout splits, give me advice on workouts for specific muscle groups, help me track my daily protein intake, and other similar tasks.

Here are a few simple tips to get started being healthier:

  • Walk at least 30 minutes every day.

  • Eat at least .8x times your body weight in protein daily—ideally 1x. If you eat meat, chicken breast makes this easier than it sounds.

  • Do weight training where you push yourself hard at least 4 times a week.

A study that just came out shows what I’ve thought for a long time. Exercise spurs neuron growth and rewires the brain. It makes you smarter.

Wherever you’re at in life, I suggest taking time to get healthy.

Every extra year you can live could result in you living long enough to see new scientific breakthroughs that let you live even longer. And some even think we’ll be able to live forever.

And that means more time with friends and family or hobbies you love.

As Bryan Johnson says, “Don’t Die”.

I’ve been tinkering with my first Custom GPT, called Super Being. Incorporating a lot of what I’ve learned from getting in shape with AI. Check it out, and let me know if you find it useful!

Elon Musk Strikes Back With xAI

Elon Musk's new AI venture, xAI, just announced they raised $6B at a $24B valuation. That’s the largest early-stage round ever. 🤯

Elon said they will build the most truth-seeking AI to advance humanity. That’s a mission I can get behind.

What do you think he’ll do with all of that money?

I bet he’s not just building Grok, another ChatGPT like LLM. He’s going to buy more NVIDIA chips than anyone and build a Gigafactory for compute.

He’ll turn xAI into the AI brain for Tesla, X, SpaceX, and NeuraLink.

I’ve been saying this for a while, but the main contender to OpenAI isn’t Google or Anthropic. It’s Elon Musk.

He will try to beat Sam Altman by doing what he does best—manufacturing excellence, attracting the best talent, and pushing them incredibly hard towards an audacious goal.

Now that Elon Musk is seriously entering the race, everyone will move faster.

AGI will happen sooner than you think.

The Next Wave With Bilawal Sidhu

In this week’s episode of The Next Wave, Matt Wolfe and I spoke with Bilawal Sidhu(an ex-Googler who now does a podcast with TED) about Google’s chances in the AI race, AI video, and more. Check it out!

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