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Lore #80: Weather Forecasting, Gene Editing, and Speech AI

Good morning,

Another week with huge acceleration.

Here are the highlights:

  • Weather Forecast Revolution: Google's SEEDS AI model promises to predict severe weather faster and more economically.

  • Gene Editing Advances: Profluent has developed a way to edit DNA with AI using CRISPR technology, potentially greatly enhancing genetic engineering capabilities.

  • Stable Diffusion 3 Released: Stability AI finally released its latest open-source Stable Diffusion models.

Also, here is the latest episode of The Next Wave, discussing the positive potential and dangers of Speech AI that will be made possible by technology such as Hume AI.


Google has developed a new AI model, the Scalable Ensemble Envelope Diffusion Sampler (SEEDS), which promises to deliver faster, more economical weather forecasts. This generative AI model is inspired by the architecture of large language models and can quickly generate multiple weather scenario ensembles. SEEDS is designed to enhance the prediction of extreme weather events, which are typically challenging and costly to forecast with traditional physics-based models. By efficiently producing up to 31 predictive ensembles from minimal input data, SEEDS aims to improve the accuracy and speed of weather forecasting, potentially saving lives by providing earlier warnings for severe weather conditions.

Generative AI has entered the realm of gene editing, promising to revolutionize the field much like it has with digital content creation. A new AI system developed by Profluent is creating blueprints for mechanisms capable of editing DNA.

These developments, which Profluent will present at an upcoming American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy meeting, leverage the same type of technology that powers models like ChatGPT, but are applied to generating novel CRISPR-based gene editors after extensive analysis of biological data. Profluent has taken a bold step by open sourcing one of these tools, OpenCRISPR-1, allowing widespread experimentation and potentially accelerating innovation in gene editing.

Stability AI has launched Stable Diffusion 3 and its enhanced version, Stable Diffusion 3 Turbo, on its Developer Platform API in partnership with Fireworks AI. This new release aims to match or surpass other leading text-to-image models like DALL-E 3 and Midjourney v6 in terms of typography and prompt adherence. Featuring a new Multimodal Diffusion Transformer architecture, the models offer improved text understanding and spelling capabilities.

Other news

  • OpenAI’s Sam Altman is funding a green-energy moonshot as AI’s power demands grow to ‘insatiable’ levels (Link)

  • Microsoft introduces smaller AI model (Link)

  • Meta, in its biggest AI push, places smart assistants across its apps (Link)

  • How robots are taking over warehouse work (Link)

  • Olympic organizers unveil strategy for using artificial intelligence in sports (Link)

  • Google 'considers charging' for premium search results powered by artificial intelligence (Link)

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Teaching machines how to see

Microsoft’s VASA-1 generates realistic video from a single photo

GPT-4 makes huge leaps in medicine, even outranking physicians in some cases

Meta's Segment Anything Model (SAM)

Boston Dynamics’ new and improved all-electric Atlas robot


  • Phi-3 Technical Report: A Highly Capable Language Model Locally on Your Phone (Link)

  • Learn Your Reference Model for Real Good Alignment (Link)

  • Megalodon: Efficient LLM Pretraining and Inference with Unlimited Context Length (Link)

  • Dynamic Typography: Bringing Words to Life (Link)


  • Rivos raised $250M to create an accelerator for generative AI and data analytics workloads (Link)

  • Greeneye Technology raised $20M for precision spraying of crops (Link)

  • Mentee Robotics raised $17M for its humanoid robot, MenteeBot (Link)

  • Vidyard raised $15M for personalized AI avatars (Link)

  • AI Squared raised $13.8M to deliver data and AI insights into business applications (Link)

  • FYLD raised £12M for its field management platform (Link)

  • Veesual raised $7.5M for virtual clothing try-on tech (Link)

  • AIPERIA raised €7.5M for food waste reduction (Link)

  • Somite raised $5.3M to incorporate AI in stem cell therapy (Link)

  • HealthSage AI raised €3M for healthcare delivery and patient pathways (Link)

  • Spatialedge raised $3.1M to help companies build machine learning solutions (Link)

  • MokSa AI raised $1.5M to curb shoplifting with AI cameras (Link)

Coming up:

  • France's Mistral AI seeks funding at $5B valuation (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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