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Lore #81: The Birth of EU/ACC

Good morning,

This week, one of my favorite indie hackers, Pieter Levels, birthed the idea for EU/ACC, a fork of E/ACC, to fight against anti-tech regulations in the EU, but more on that later.

First, I’m excited to announce that my good friend Pete Huang from The Neuron came on The Next Wave this week. We had a blast talking about everything from Open-source vs. Closed-source AI to Waymo cars being attacked in San Francisco, AI in the music industry, and much more.

I hope you check out our episode, in which we have a deep-dive conversation, and Pete’s new podcast, The Neuron: AI Explained, in which he gives a great 10-minute overview of the top AI news every week.

Together, we’re the top two new AI podcasts, and we have many more collaborations planned. Thank you all for your support!

Today, Pieter Levels introduced the European version of e/acc, eu/acc.

The EU is seeing a dramatic rise in anti-tech regulation, which is starting to be felt by Europeans. Notably, this week, ChatGPT rolled out one of its best features, memory, and Europeans can’t even use it. So, they’re basically not part of the next wave of technology now. And many Europeans that aren’t in tech don’t even seem to understand this is a problem.

I know it sounds like I’m picking on the EU, but this same anti-tech sentiment is rising in my old home in California. With the burning of Waymo cars, and the movement to fast-track California Bill 1047. Which is such a disaster.

It proposes many crazy things, but most notably, it would require engineers to guarantee under penalty of perjury that their AI models can do no harm. Imagine if that was required of Henry Ford when he started the automobile revolution that established America as a leader of the free world.

I think it’s time for techno-optimists in the EU, the US, and everywhere for that matter, to take a stand and push back together. Otherwise, politicians with absolutely no idea what the second —and third-order effects of their actions will be will regulate AI so hard it won’t even be possible to build a better future without an overhaul of Government.

I’m happy to do whatever I can to help support this new movement.

To learn more about the movement and why it’s critical, I suggest you read Dear Europe, please wake up – eu/acc by Andreas Klinger.

If you want to contribute to this movement, please share Pieter's tweet to help raise awareness and consider purchasing the new eu/acc hoodies. Pieter isn’t keeping any profits. It’s all going towards the movement.

Time for Europe to accelerate.

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Apple has rekindled discussions with OpenAI to potentially incorporate OpenAI's generative AI technology into upcoming features of the iPhone and iOS 18. This news follows reports from last month about Apple's negotiations to license Google's Gemini chatbot. While Apple has not yet finalized its choice of partners, it is considering agreements with either OpenAI, Google, or possibly another provider.

Microsoft has announced a significant $1.7 billion investment to enhance cloud and AI infrastructure in Indonesia. The initiative aims to support Indonesia's Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision, which focuses on transforming the nation into a global economic powerhouse. The investment will facilitate the development of new cloud and AI capabilities, provide AI training for 840,000 Indonesians, and bolster the local developer community.

Moderna and OpenAI have announced an ongoing collaboration to integrate generative AI technologies across Moderna's operations, enhancing their development of mRNA medicines. This partnership began early in 2023 with the creation of Moderna's ChatGPT instance, mChat, which has seen extensive adoption within the company. This initial success led to further implementation of ChatGPT Enterprise across various business functions, providing tools like Advanced Analytics and Image Generation to support employees.

Other news

  • Musk's xAI is close to raising $6 billion from Sequoia, others (Link)

  • ChatGPT Memory is now available to all Plus users — except in Europe and Korea (Link)

  • Amazon Q, a generative AI-powered assistant for businesses and developers, is now generally available (Link)

  • The Estée Lauder Companies and Microsoft increase collaboration to power prestige beauty with generative AI (Link)

  • How European disability tech startups are leveraging AI (Link)


Sam Altman’s vision for humanity

The launch of Copilot Workspace

First look inside Extropic


  • OpenELM: An Efficient Language Model Family with Open-source Training and Inference Framework (Link)

  • How Far Are We to GPT-4V? Closing the Gap to Commercial Multimodal Models with Open-Source Suites (Link)

  • Make Your LLM Fully Utilize the Context (Link)

  • Layer Skip: Enabling Early Exit Inference and Self-Speculative Decoding (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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