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  • Lore Issue #70: Sam Altman Seeks $7 Trillion For AI Chips

Lore Issue #70: Sam Altman Seeks $7 Trillion For AI Chips

Good morning,

It's been another wild ride in the AI world this week.

Reports have surfaced that Sam Altman, the head of OpenAI, is eyeing a staggering $7 trillion investment. That's a hefty 7.4% of the Global Annual GDP. The goal? To kickstart the development and production of their own AI chips, stepping away from their current reliance on NVIDIA.

This move, along with other bold statements from Sam about the groundbreaking potential of GPT-5, lines up perfectly with the rumors I've been hearing from my Silicon Valley friends for months.

The rest of this year is going to be insane.

Lore - Venture Capital
  • Sierra raised $110M to bring AI agents to business (Link)

  • Zededa raised $72M to power AI tools (Link)

  • Unlearn raised $50M to optimize clinical research with AI-powered digital twin technology (Link)

  • Xensam raised $40M for AI that manages software assets (Link)

  • Mechanical Orchard raised $24M to solve the legacy IT modernization challenge (Link)

  • Ezra raised $21M to develop AI-powered technology for full-body MRI scanning (Link)

  • Daedalus raised $21M to build precision-manufacturing factories powered by AI (Link)

  • Contents raised $18M to enable businesses to create high-quality multilingual content using AI (Link)

  • Podcastle raised $13.5M to scale its AI content creation platform (Link)

  • Marqo raised $12.5M for technology that helps companies search the vast amounts of unstructured data in their systems (Link)

  • Attentive raised $7M to boost automation in landscaping, construction services (Link)

  • MediConCen raised $6.85M to automate insurance claims using AI (Link)

  • Perigon raised $5M to structure the open web for AI (Link)

  • TORTUS raised $4.2M to speed up medical admin with AI assistants (Link)

  • Upliance raised $4M to create home appliances that integrate machine learning and AI (Link)

  • Cascading AI raised $3.9M to transform banking with AI (Link)

  • AI.Fashion raised $3.6M for AI technology for the fashion industry (Link)

  • Crux raised $2.6M to help B2B SaaS teams build embedded AI copilots faster (Link)

  • Actnova raised $2.4M for its breakthrough animal behavior testing solution (Link)

  • Heliux raised $2M to build an AI-powered enterprise operating system (Link)

  • ConveGenius raised $1.8M for its AI-driven edtech platform (Link)

  • Cimba raised $1.25M to make it easier for enterprises to customize language models (Link)

  • Swirl raised $1.1M for its AI-powered content commerce platform (Link)

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News - Lore

OpenAI is developing a form of agent software to automate complex tasks by effectively taking over a customer’s device. The ChatGPT agent is designed for natural language processing and conversation, while the new agent is intended to automate tasks by controlling a customer’s device, such as transferring data between documents and spreadsheets or filling out and entering expense reports.

Sam Altman is seeking to raise up to $7 trillion to reshape the business of chips and AI. The effort is motivated by the need for more powerful graphics-processing units (GPUs) to train complex AI models like ChatGPT, as OpenAI works toward achieving AGI. For context, this massive investment would surpass the current scale of the semiconductor industry, which saw global chip sales of $527 billion last year, with projections to reach $1 trillion annually by 2030.

Microsoft is enhancing its Cloud for Sustainability with new data and AI solutions, aiming to bridge the gap between sustainability pledges and actual progress. These innovations include faster ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data analytics, an AI assistant for decision-making and reporting, and more, all integrated into Microsoft Fabric, an analytics platform launched in May 2023.

Additionally, the introduction of Copilot in Microsoft Sustainability Manager provides generative AI assistance for analyzing environmental data, drafting reports, and identifying reduction opportunities in areas such as carbon and water use.

Other news

  • Introducing AI Integrations on Vercel (Link)

  • Epic To Build $1.5 Billion Disney Game Universe, Plus Funding For VR, AI, 3D Companies (Link)

  • Google announces €25 million in funding for AI training in Europe (Link)

  • Should you upgrade to Google One AI Premium? Its AI features and pricing explained (Link)

  • How Walmart, Delta, Chevron and Starbucks are using AI to monitor employee messages (Link)

  • 'Better than a real man': young Chinese women turn to AI boyfriends (Link)

  • UAE announces $500m investment in AI, research platform (Link)

  • Indians most optimistic about AI in the world: Google report (Link)

  • The UK’s Agile, Sector-Specific Approach to AI Regulation Is Promising (Link)

  • Biden appoints AI Safety Institute leaders as NIST funding concerns linger (Link)

  • The way AI will be sold to a skeptical public is starting to become clear (Link)

Coolest Things - Lore

TikTok’s Boximator

Nvidia’s Chat with RTX

First impressions of Gemini Advanced AI

The Abundance Agenda, a deep dive on how AI makes our lives better

AI Tools - Lore
  • SaveDay: A tool that helps you quickly save, search and summarize your favorite content (Link)

  • Codeium: AI coding assistant (Link)

  • Vimcal: Calendar and scheduling tool with social integration (Link)

  • Hyperficient: Generate a personalized gym program based on scientific research (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

AI Further Study - Lore
  • A new way to let AI chatbots converse all day without crashing (Link)

  • Self-Discover: Large Language Models Self-Compose Reasoning Structures (Link)

  • Grandmaster-Level Chess Without Search (Link)

  • DeepSeekMath: Pushing the Limits of Mathematical Reasoning in Open Language Models (Link)

  • Training-Free Consistent Text-to-Image Generation (Link)

  • BiLLM: Pushing the Limit of Post-Training Quantization for LLMs (Link)

  • OS-Copilot: Towards Generalist Computer Agents with Self-Improvement (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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