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Lore #65: Perplexity Raised $73.6M

Good morning.

This week, one of my favorite AI startups, Perplexity, raised $73.6M from some of the top investors in the world, such as Elad Gil, NVIDIA and Jeff Bezos.

I’ve noticed many more people mentioning Perplexity on social media and podcasts. I have found myself using it more and more. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re missing out. It’s the best AI-powered search out there.

Also noteworthy this week is ChatGPT just added memory to GPT-4. Meaning it will learn and improve based on your previous conversations with it. This is one of the killer features I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to try it and see how well it works!

Lore - Venture Capital
  • Perplexity AI raised $73.6M at a $520M valuation to bring the power of AI to billions (Link)

  • Nabla raised $24M for its AI assistant for doctors (Link)

  • Contents.com raised $18M for AI-driven multilingual enterprise content generation (Link)

  • ArenaX Labs raised $6M to fund AI-powered games (Link)


  • Ex-Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal raised $30M for a new AI startup building software for LLMs. The company’s name and specific product offerings have not yet been announced (Link)

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News - Lore

Google is facing a $1.67 billion lawsuit from Singular Computing, alleging the tech giant infringed on patents for technology used in its AI-supporting Tensor Processing Units. Google denies these claims, stating its chips were independently developed and fundamentally different from Singular's patented technology. The case also involves a separate appeal regarding the validity of Singular's patents.

Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz separately announced integration of AI assistants into some of their new vehicles at CES 2024 this week.

Volkswagen will be the first volume manufacturer to offer ChatGPT as a standard feature from the second quarter of 2024 in many production vehicles. Mercedes-Benz highlighted the AI-powered MBUX Virtual Assistant and new MB.OS architecture for a more personalized user experience.

OpenAI has stated that creating AI tools like ChatGPT without using copyrighted material is impossible, as these models are trained on vast internet data, much of which is copyrighted.

This statement comes amid increasing legal pressure, including a lawsuit from the New York Times accusing OpenAI and Microsoft of unlawful use of copyrighted content. At the same time, the company is contending with additional legal challenges from notable authors and entities such as Getty Images.

Other news

  • Samsung’s ‘AI for All’ Vision Unveiled at CES 2024 (Link)

  • It’s already time to think about an AI tax (Link)

  • New material found by AI could reduce lithium use in batteries (Link)

  • AI fuelling dating and social media fraud, EU police agency says (Link)

Coolest Things - Lore

The year of AI influencers

Identity verification in the age of AI: the internet can’t tell who’s real

Application mockups with Midjourney

Chess-GPT, a 50M parameter LLM

AI Tools - Lore
  • Stylar: Brings controllability to AI-assisted design with its intuitive drag-and-drop canvas (Link)

  • Superhuman: AI-powered email built for high-performing teams (Link)

  • SlaySchool: Create flashcards and quizzes from any file, image or handwritten note (Link)

  • RecordOnce: A recording tool for professional-looking video tutorials (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

AI Further Study - Lore
  • Mixtral of Experts: Mixtral 8x7B, a Sparse Mixture of Experts (SMoE) language model (Link)

  • DocLLM: A layout-aware generative language model for multimodal document understanding (Link)

  • Understanding LLMs: A Comprehensive Overview from Training to Inference (Link)

  • TinyLlama: An Open-Source Small Language Model (Link)

  • LLaMA Beyond English: An Empirical Study on Language Capability Transfer (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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