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Lore Issue #54: Midjourney Starts Move Away From Discord

Good morning.

Another crazy week. Midjourney is starting to move to the web, and a supposed leak from Google shows Gemini will be a big deal.

And I’ve heard rumors from friends in Silicon Valley that OpenAI has made significant progress recently, which seems to be backed up by recent tweets from OpenAI insiders on Twitter.

And then Sam Altman tweeted this:

I expect to see some huge things come out between now and the end of the year. It’s hard to overstate how much AI will impact every business around us; this transformation is happening faster than most realize.

  • Chinese AI startup Zhipu raised $300M to develop large language models similar to GPT-4 (Link)

  • Databricks, the $43B analytics firm, acquired data startup Arcion for $100M (Link)

  • Payroll and recruitment hub Employment Hero raised A$263M to build fintech super app (Link)

  • Spec raised $15M to counter AI-powered cyberattacks (Link)

  • Oxolo raised €13M for its text-to-video platform (Link)

  • Signos raised $20M to sprinkle AI fairy dust on the weight-loss industry (Link)

  • Credit Genie raised $10M to redefine behavioral finance with AI (Link)

  • Ai Build raised $8.5M to offers manufacturers a cloud-based solution designed to reduce costs, lead times, and material waste (Link)

  • Luzia raised $10M to expand its WhatsApp-based chatbot (Link)

  • Nortech AI raised €2.5M for IoT solutions in maritime industry (Link)

  • Harmonic raised $7M to mitigate against the ‘wild west’ of unregulated AI apps harvesting company data at scale (Link)

  • Brilliant Labs raised $3M for its AI-powered augmented reality glasses (Link)

Coming up:

  • OpenAI in Talks for Deal That Would Value Company at $80 Billion (Link)

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Apple is racing to catch up with the AI advancements made by competitors such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google, and Microsoft. Apple has been comparatively slow in AI development, with notable efforts limited to an improved auto-correct system.

CEO Tim Cook now acknowledges the company’s focus on generative AI technology, and they've developed an in-house large language model called Ajax and an internal chatbot "Apple GPT."

There is also an ongoing billion-dollar effort to revamp Siri and integrate generative AI into iOS, messaging apps, and development tools like Xcode.

It’s been a busy week for Midjourney with a ton of new updates.

  • A new website to view your image gallery. It’s not yet possible to generate new images on the site, but this feature is planned for the next phase.

  • A new app for Niji Journey, available for Android and iOS. You can also generate Midjourney images with it.

  • Enhanced image upscalers without degradation in image quality.

Other news

  • DALL·E 3 is now available in ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise (Link)

  • Stanford researchers challenge OpenAI, others on AI transparency in new report (Link)

  • Samsung aims to make Galaxy S24 the smartest AI phone ever (Link)

AI video content progresses in leaps

Create a Midjourney Character, then become that character

Embedded video with QR-Code CNET

Wayve AI’s autonomous vehicle driving through London

  • Momen: Design, develop, and scale your apps without code (Link)

  • WriteSonic: AI content creation and customer experience platform (Link)

  • Klap: Turn videos into viral shorts (Link)

  • Finta: Automate your fundraising workflow (Link)

  • Human Generator: Create hyperrealistic full-body photos of people in real-time (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

  • HallusionBench: You See What You Think? Or You Think What You See? An Image-Context Reasoning Benchmark Challenging for GPT-4V(ision), LLaVA-1.5, and Other Multi-modality Models (Link)

  • Let's Synthesize Step by Step: Iterative Dataset Synthesis with Large Language Models by Extrapolating Errors from Small Models (Link)

  • DPM-Solver-v3: Improved Diffusion ODE Solver with Empirical Model Statistics (Link)

  • 3D-GPT: Procedural 3D Modeling with Large Language Models (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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