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Lore #68: Meta Releases Code Llama

Good morning.

It’s been a relatively slow news week in AI. Many companies announced stuff at the beginning of the month that they had been holding off on releasing due to the holidays. And now, OpenAI and others are all focused on their next big releases. I’m still expecting GPT-5 to come out and shock the world by June.

I have a small announcement this week.

Lore Labs is partnering with the Imagine AI Live conference in Vegas from March 27th-28th. They have an incredible group of speakers, including Linus Ekenstam, Javi Lopez, and many more.

If you’re able, I highly suggest you attend.

Lore - Venture Capital
  • Kore raised $150M to build conversational AI for enterprises (Link)

  • Rebellions raised $124M to develop its new AI Rebel chip with Samsung (Link)

  • Krutrim raised $50M for its voice-enabled conversational AI assistant that speaks multiple Indian languages (Link)

  • Thentia raised $38M for its licensing and regulatory technology (Link)

  • Sema4 raised $30.5M to bring open source powered AI to mission-critical enterprise work (Link)

  • Aqemia raised €30M for tech-enabled drug discovery (Link)

  • Spellbook raised $20M for its AI copilot for lawyers (Link)

  • Vital Interaction raised $15M to combine healthcare data, business intelligence and workflow automation (Link)

  • Cultivo raised $14M for nature-based carbon removal projects (Link)

  • CEEZER raised €10.3M for its AI-driven carbon credit platform (Link)

  • Semron raised $7.9M for AI chips with 3D packaging (Link)

  • Quindar raised $6M for its cloud-hosted, AI-supported software platform for satellite management (Link)

  • VAPAR raised $5M for AI-based sewerage system maintenance (Link)

  • TextQL raised $4.1M to automate the data science lifecycle (Link)

  • DXwand raised $4M to automate text and voice interactions between businesses and customers (Link)

  • Robust raised $3M to expand its AI-powered delivery logistics solutions (Link)

  • Wondercraft raised USD 3M for its multilingual audio content platform (Link)

  • Send AI raised €2.2M to end manual data entry work (Link)

Coming up:

  • AI Startup Sierra Aims to Raise $85 Million to Tackle Business ‘Problems’ (Link)

AI Video Agency - Lore Labs

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News - Lore

SoftBank Ventures Asia (SBVA), a fund acquired from SoftBank by Taizo Son and Atsushi Taira, is rebranding as SBVA from February 1st, following its acquisition by The Edgeof from SoftBank Group Corp. (SBG) last June. SBVA, embracing the era of technological singularities and AI, has established the “2023 Alpha Korea Fund” with a total of approximately $150M, exceeding its initial target.

Supported by investors including Korea Development Bank, SBG, and others, the fund will focus on early to mid-stage startups in areas like AI, robotics, and computing across various industries. SBVA plans to leverage its global network to support the international growth of domestic startups, continuing its 20-year legacy in startup investment.

*Disclosure: Taizo Son and Atsushi Taira funded my previous company and are friends.

Google has brought out a new text-to-video diffusion model that excels in creating videos with realistic, diverse, and coherent motion. Lumiere differs from existing methods by using a Space-Time U-Net architecture that generates the entire video in one pass, ensuring global temporal consistency. It achieves this by combining spatial and temporal down- and up-sampling and integrating a pre-trained text-to-image diffusion model. Lumiere can directly generate full-frame-rate, low-resolution videos and is versatile in content creation tasks like image-to-video conversion, video inpainting, and stylized generation.

Meta just released Code Llama 70B, its largest and most effective version to date. It can handle more queries and shows improved accuracy, with a 53% score on the HumanEval benchmark, surpassing GPT-3.5 and nearing GPT-4's performance. Built on Llama 2, Code Llama 70B assists developers in creating and debugging code strings and is available for both research and commercial use for free. Request access here.

Samsung Electronics is planning to fully automate its semiconductor factories by 2030 — using "smart sensors" to control the manufacturing process without human labor and aiming to optimize various aspects of chip production with AI.

OpenAI has announced several updates including two new embedding models with improved performance and reduced pricing, an updated GPT-4 Turbo preview model, a new GPT-3.5 Turbo model with 50% reduced input prices, and an enhanced text moderation model. These advancements provide developers with more efficient and cost-effective AI tools.

Other news

  • Tencent chief says gaming business under threat, catching up in AI (Link)

  • How US Is Preventing China from Using Its Technology For Artificial Intelligence (Link)

  • Could the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act increase mass surveillance systems? (Link)

Coolest Things - Lore

Integrating logos into your videos with Runway

Niji v6 for Midjourney is here

This AI video illustrating the dynamic evolution of money

AI Tools - Lore
  • Adobe Podcast AI: Clean up audio for free and make voice recordings sound professional (Link)

  • Modelize: Streamline and enhance business workflows with tailored AI agents (Link)

  • SaveDay: A tool that helps you quickly save, search and summarize your favorite content (Link)

  • Any Summary: Summarize any file or URL (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

AI Further Study - Lore
  • Scaling Up to Excellence: Practicing Model Scaling for Photo-Realistic Image Restoration In the Wild (Link)

  • Diffuse to Choose: Enriching Image Conditioned Inpainting in Latent Diffusion Models for Virtual Try-All (Link)

  • SliceGPT: Compress Large Language Models by Deleting Rows and Columns (Link)

  • InternLM-XComposer2: Mastering Free-form Text-Image Composition and Comprehension in Vision-Language Large Model (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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