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Lore Issue #33: Adobe Comes for AI Art Startups

Good morning.Another incredible week in the world of AI is behind us.

Adobe's AI-integrated Photoshop beta has been gaining significant attention on Twitter, while NVIDIA's latest demo hints at a future where AI profoundly influences gaming. Meanwhile, NVIDIA's stock value momentarily reached an impressive $1T milestone.

Let's get started.


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Last week, Adobe made waves by introducing its AI-integrated Adobe PS beta. With it, people are modifying images in unprecedented ways using AI. You can read more about it in Adobe's announcement below.

Adobe PS beta took just one week to become one of the most-discussed products on Twitter.

Given how many people use Adobe products, it seems Adobe will likely win the AI art wars. Midjourney is excellent, but they don't have Adobe's distribution. It's hard to see them winning long-term.

We're left wondering, what does this mean for other AI startups? Will incumbents gain most of the benefits of this new era of AI, or is there room for AI startups to be successful?

Key Insights:

  1. AI startups face steep competition from incumbents. This time, it matters to ask how a startup will win against the "big guys."

  2. AI startups that serve a specific niche and have a great user experience can still thrive. For instance, Scenario has been successful with its AI-generated game assets tool.

  3. Expect acquisitions of leading AI startups by incumbents. Adobe could be considering players like Midjourney to solidify their dominance.

Adobe Photoshop AI Beta Examples:

  • Restoring Broken Sculptures - by Kris Kashtanova (View Tweet)

  • 13 Examples That Will Blow Your Mind - by Nathan Lands (View Thread)

  • Did You See What You Can Do With AI In Photoshop? - by Matt Wolfe (Watch Video)


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  • Asus plans to sell first managed AI service hosted at client facilities (Read Article)

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  • More Big Money For AI: Insider Raises $105M (Read Article)

  • Al Gore-led fund leads $95-million investment in Toronto’s BenchSci, which uses AI to hasten drug discovery (Read Article)

  • Cognosys, an AI companion startup, raised $2M from Google Ventures. (Read Tweet)



Sudowrite, one of our favorite writing tools, recently launched a new feature that allows you to craft entire stories from plot, twists, characters, and more.

Other Tools We Found:

  • Freepik AI image generator (Link)

  • YTSummary Youtube video with AI summaries (Link)

  • PolySpeak AI language learning (Link)

  • DrumLoop AI music creation tool (Link)


  • a16z AI Party - Prompting with Friends. June 1st in San Francisco. (Event Details)

  • Women in AI brunch hosted by Unusual Ventures. June 1st in San Francisco. (Event Details)

  • AI x Product Hackathon - June 3rd in San Francisco. (Event Details)


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  • The Personalization Wave - By Scott Belsky from Adobe. (Read Article)

  • RAPHAEL: Text-to-Image Generation via Large Mixture of Diffusion Paths. (Read Paper)

  • Break-A-Scene: Extracting Multiple Concepts from a Single Image (Read Paper)

  • Photoswap: Personalized Subject Swapping in Images (Read Paper)

  • Voyager: An Open-Ended Embodied Agent with Large Language Models - In Minecraft (Read Paper)

  • Alexandria, an open-source initiative to embed the internet (Read Tweet)


That's it!

See you next week!

-Nathan Lands

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