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Lore Issue #31: ChatGPT Plugins Available For All

Good morning.After a period of relative calm, things are heating up again, with Google's Bard and Claude starting to become competitive with ChatGPT. And possibly, in response, OpenAI has decided to open up plugins to everyone.

Let's get started.


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ChatGPT's plugins and browsing are now rolling out to all ChatGPT Plus account holders. Not everyone has it yet, but be patient. Every Plus account should have it by the end of the week.

ChatGPT plugins can now be enabled in the settings under "Beta Features." 

ChatGPT plugins expand the capabilities of ChatGPT. They make it possible to connect ChatGPT to external services like Zapier, Expedia, Golden, and more. Greatly enhancing the capability of ChatGPT.

Key Insights:

  1. Now is the time for businesses and developers to be building ChatGPT plugins.

  2. Winning ChatGPT plugins will focus on resolving users' real-world problems, prioritizing function over branding, and providing immediate value.

  3. Developers need to pinpoint the specific problems their plugins can solve to maximize their potential, enhancing user experience with previously inaccessible information.

  4. Colossal Opportunity โ€“ This could be a transformative moment in technology, comparable to the launch of the Apple App Store or the Facebook platform. Don't miss out.

Action Item: To develop ChatGPT Plugins, you must be approved by OpenAI. Make sure you join the waitlist.

ChatGPT Plugin Examples:

We created a thread featuring the best ChatGPT plugin examples we could find.

 ChatGPT plugins are being rolled out to all Plus users this week.

This could be a game-changer as big as the App Store.

Check out my top 10 favorite examples so far:โ€” Nathan Lands (@NathanLands) May 17, 2023 


 ๐Ÿš€ Big news today with Google + Adobe joining forces!

We're talking about 3D content anchored to the real world at insane scale๐ŸŒ And of course, AI had a role to play.

I've got early access, and let's just say the physical & digital worlds are blurring ๐Ÿ˜Ž Let's get into it!๐Ÿงต pic.twitter.com/fmpNKgtjTSโ€” Bilawal Sidhu (@bilawalsidhu) May 10, 2023 

  • Zoom announces partnership with Google-backed AI Startup, Anthropic to bring its Claude chatbot to Zoom products! (Read Article)

  • Zapier launches 2 AI Beta features. (Read Article)

  • Poe, by Quora, has launched their API. (View Github)


  • Hippocratic AI raises $50M seed funding to build models for healthcare. (Read Article)

  • Together raises $20M for open-source AI and cloud platform. (Read Article)

  • Sound Ventures has already plugged half its new $240 million AI fund into three companies. (Read Article)

  • AI startup Senzai raises $2M Pre-seed funding round. (Read Article)


 The Lord of the Rings by Wes Anderson.

The casting is perfect!


- Bill Murray as Gandlaf

- Jeff Goldblum as Elrond

- Willam Dafoe as Gollum

- Owen Wilson as Sauron.

(by curious_refuge on Reddit) pic.twitter.com/az7eDvEmOHโ€” Lorenzo Green ใ€ฐ๏ธ (@mrgreen) May 10, 2023 


Bard, Google's answer to OpenAI's ChatGPT, has now become widely available to the public. In certain respects, Bard has managed to one-up ChatGPT. For instance, it can directly access the internet for real-time information. A feature that ChatGPT requires a browser plugin for.

However, regarding logical reasoning, Bard lags behind GPT-4. And it seems to present inaccurate information more often than GPT-4. As with any large language model (LLM), it's crucial not to take the information it provides at face value. Always verify facts independently for accuracy.

Other Tools We Found:



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  • DoNotPay GPT-4 bot negotiating with the NYT to cancel subscription (View Tweet)

  • AI employee, capable of replacing the work of 5 assistants (View Tweet)

  • A ChatGPT trading algorithm delivered 500% returns in the stock market. (View Tweet)


Prompt from Nick St. Pierre

That's it!

See you next week!

-Nathan Lands

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