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Lore Issue #28: Drake, Grimes, and The Future of AI Music

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Good morning.

Although this week has been relatively quiet, we've got some exciting developments brewing behind the scenes that we hope to share soon.

Let's get started!

In today's issue:

  • INSIGHTS: AI Music and The Future of Entertainment

  • COOLEST THING: Winter's Cold featuring AI Drake

  • FEATURED TOOL: HuggingChat

  • INDUSTRY UPDATES: Replit raises $97.4M and announces new coding-focused LLM that, in some tests, outperforms OpenAI Codex



Boost Your Productivity: Weekly Generative AI Insights for Work

AI Music and The Future of Entertainment

This week, AI-generated music is making waves in the industry, leading us to explore the topic in a tweet thread today.

 The music business is about to change forever now that AI can make Drake's songs better than Drake can.

And Grimes has a brilliant proposal for the future of AI music. This isn't the next Napster moment. It's bigger than that.

Here is what you need to know: pic.twitter.com/uAwQXPszEB— Nathan Lands (@NathanLands) April 26, 2023 

AI-generated tracks are becoming virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, sparking legal and ethical debates while presenting new opportunities for artists, businesses, and even companies outside the music sector.

Here's a summary of what you need to know:

  1. The rise of AI-generated music has ignited legal and ethical debates, with record labels invoking copyright law to remove AI-generated songs from platforms like YouTube.

  2. Tech companies like Google face a conundrum: should they take down AI-generated content, and if so, on what grounds?

  3. Some artists, like Grimes, are embracing the change, proposing new revenue-sharing models and utilizing blockchain-based smart contracts for royalties.

  4. The future of AI-generated music presents both challenges and opportunities, with the potential to create new platforms and genres, democratize the industry, and redefine artist compensation.

So, what does this mean for your business? Here are our insights.

Insight #1: Embrace AI-Generated Music

The emergence of AI-generated music presents an opportunity to explore new avenues for creativity and innovation in your organization, even if you're outside the music industry. Test these technologies to understand their potential and limitations and be prepared for the evolving landscape.

Insight #2: Navigate Legal and Ethical Complexities

As AI-generated music raises legal and ethical questions, businesses and artists need to stay informed about the changing legal landscape and its implications for their work. Keeping up-to-date with developments can help you adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Insight #3: Rethink Revenue Models and Engagement Strategies

With pioneers like Grimes proposing new revenue-sharing models, it's crucial to consider how your business can adapt to benefit from AI-generated music. Explore new ways to monetize, engage with fans, and collaborate with other artists and platforms.

Insight #4: Leverage AI-Generated Music for Cross-Industry Applications

The impact of AI-generated music extends beyond the entertainment sector. Brands, advertisers, and content creators can leverage AI-generated music to enhance their projects, create unique audio experiences, and differentiate themselves.

One quick example. It would be instant free press if any company used Grimes' voice right now to create a YouTube music video or advertisement. Or as an independent creator, it's also an excellent opportunity to get recognized.

What's Next?

Over the next few weeks, we'll closely monitor developments in AI-generated music and its impact on the entertainment industry and other sectors. We'll share updates, insights, and resources with you.

AI Music Resources

  1. Musicfy AI Music Platform - Visit Website

  2. Winter's Cold, featuring AI Drake - View Tweet

  3. AI Kanye by Roberto Nickson - View Tweet


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The Generative AI Application That Wowed Us

Continuing with the music theme, the coolest thing in AI we saw this week was the AI Drake song "Winter's Cold" by Lvcci AI. This marks the first time we're convinced that AI can match or surpass the original musician.While the methods used to create this track are not yet fully disclosed, its impact is undeniable. Give the song a listen and share your thoughts with us!

 AI Drake drops another one.

Winters Cold by Lvcci ai. pic.twitter.com/TSV979LpDK— 卄卂ㄥ丂 ㄖᗪㄚ丂丂乇ㄚ (@HALSodyssey) April 19, 2023 

Additionally, we highly recommend watching this reaction video featuring two fans' responses to the song.

 Watch two people with an open mind react to AI Drake 😂🤣 pic.twitter.com/grkCjloejT— ric.⌐◨-◨ (@ricburton) April 25, 2023 

Other Things We Found

Our friend Heather Cooper shared this great new option from Midjourney Niji. Try adding --niji 5 --style scenic in Midjourney. It's what we used to create the cover for this issue.

 Niji•Journey introduced the Scenic style in Midjourney.

Add '--niji 5 --style scenic' to the end of your text prompt to use this style.

John Wick in Niji Scenic style:

(Prompt in ALT)

1. pic.twitter.com/1QPeiyhZb2— Heather Cooper (@HBCoop_) April 25, 2023 

Amli created this video with Luma just walking around LA. Exciting to think about what kind of movies you could create with something like this.

 This is why I encourage people to just play with these tools. There is no “right” way.

I just filmed myself walking up to the AMC 16 and threw it into Luma.

I did not do it “right”. And I get these ethereal effects, like you are seeing bits of a separate dimension coming… pic.twitter.com/ZZBaloLkm7— AmliArt (@amli_art) April 23, 2023 

Bilawal, who just did a TED talk about Generative AI, shared this awesome demo of Track-Anything.

 Wow! This looks SO much better than Roto Brush in After Effects, it's not even funny.

Track-Anything is a video object tracking & segmentation tool based on Meta's Segment Anything Model.

That robustness though! No way I'd get a similar result in AE without tons of manual… pic.twitter.com/Jt4ODYegyg— Bilawal Sidhu (@bilawalsidhu) April 25, 2023 


The Most Useful Generative AI Tool We Discovered This Week


Introducing HuggingChat, an open-source AI chatbot by Hugging Face! This new alternative to OpenAI's ChatGPT promises versatility and the potential for developers to customize it to their needs. Check it out in action:

 I believe we need open-source alternatives to ChatGPT for more transparency, inclusivity, accountability and distribution of power.

Excited to introduce HuggingChat, an open-source early prototype interface, powered by OpenAssistant, a model that was released a few weeks ago. pic.twitter.com/8U1OY0jnzP— clem 🤗 (@ClementDelangue) April 25, 2023 

HuggingChat's underlying model was developed by Open Assistant, a project from the German nonprofit LAION. The project aims to create an accessible and open AI assistant capable of handling tasks like writing code, drafting emails, and even composing rap lyrics.

While it still has some rough edges and is prone to generating unusual or off-topic responses, the team is committed to refining the chatbot and ensuring it remains an open-source solution for the AI community.

This new tool is part of a growing trend of open-source alternatives to commercial AI models like ChatGPT. As the debate around the ethical implications of AI models continues, the open-source movement shows no signs of slowing down.

Other Tools We Found


News, Investments, and Acquisitions Shaping the Generative AI Landscape

Replit Raised $97.4M and Announced a New Coding-Focused LLM

 We raised a Series B extension of $97.4M at a $1.16B valuation, up from our 2021 Series B.

We’ll use the funds to expand our cloud services and build our lead in AI for software creation.

Our mission to empower a billion software developers is one step closer! pic.twitter.com/ai68BG2Cfs— Replit ⠕ (@Replit) April 25, 2023 

Today Replit announced they'd raised an additional $97.4M at a $1.16B valuation from A16Z, Khosla Ventures, and others. And they had several other significant announcements, including:

  • The development of a coding-focused LLaMa-style LLM that has outperformed OpenAI Codex in certain tests.

  • The transformation of their entire IDE into a toolkit for autonomous agents.

These developments hold significant potential. If Replit can consistently surpass OpenAI in coding tasks, it is no surprise that Google has shown keen interest in the company. Moreover, Replit's collaboration with BabyAGI, a project we have actively supported and were among the first to report on, bodes well for the project's future.

Imagine if a REPL could autonomously develop and deploy applications for you, overcoming the present constraints of AutoGPTs. The potential is immense, and Replit is on the cutting edge of making this a reality.

Google Combines Its AI Arms: Introducing Google DeepMind

 One of the biggest announcements in the AI World this past week was the merger of @Google's two AI labs - Google Brain and @DeepMind - into a single entity Google DeepMind. The merger is a sign of increasing importance that AI has both within Google and in the wider tech world.… pic.twitter.com/Iebbp9Wk7N— Bojan Tunguz (@tunguz) April 22, 2023 

In a strategic move to consolidate its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Google has announced the merger of its two AI powerhouses, Google Brain and DeepMind, into a single entity called Google DeepMind. This unification aims to streamline research efforts, optimize resources, and foster greater collaboration between the two formerly separate teams.

By combining forces, Google DeepMind is poised to become an even more formidable player in the AI landscape

NVIDIA Published New Text-To-Video Method

 JUST IN: NVIDIA dropped new text-to-video research.

While still far from Hollywood quality, it's pretty damn impressive how fast this is moving.

"a storm trooper vacuuming a beach" pic.twitter.com/nNbZU8c0Ir— Pete (@nonmayorpete) April 19, 2023 

Other News

 BREAKING NEWS: In the US A.I. cannot be an inventor.

The Supreme Court has decided that it won't hear Thaler's case. Thaler tried to say that A.I. was "an inventor" under the patent.— Kris Kashtanova (@icreatelife) April 24, 2023 

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OpenAI TED Talk

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