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Lore Issue #27: BabyAGI Announcement + Elon Musk Starts X.AI

BabyAGI Anime Remix, created in Midjourney

Good morning.

Hard to believe, but this last week was crazier than the one before. It started with Elon Musk pitching me on his subscription service and then with tons of press contacting me about my viral Auto-GPT thread that passed 3.2M views. Then, I had this TV interview for WION:

So much happened this week in the world of AI.

Let's get started.

In today's issue:

  • INSIGHTS: Auto-GPT Part 3


  • FEATURED TOOL: Character.ai

  • EVENTS: AI Fashion Week, AI Hackathon London, AI in Finance Summit London

  • INDUSTRY UPDATES: BabyAGI Announcement, Elon Creates X.AI and Hints at Potential Legal Action Against OpenAI

  • FURTHER STUDY: ChatGPT Can Now Predict Stock Moves Accurately Based on Headlines


Boost Your Productivity: Weekly Generative AI Insights for Work

Auto-GPTs Part 3

Following the massive success of our previous tweet thread featuring Auto-GPT examples, we've decided to create another one showcasing the latest impressive updates. Check it out here:

 AutoGPTs are advancing at warp speed!

Following my viral thread & TV appearance, I'm excited to share the latest developments from the past week:— Nathan Lands (@NathanLands) April 19, 2023 

Auto-GPTs have garnered significant attention, becoming the fastest-growing repo on GitHub, even surpassing PyTorch. While we may have contributed to the hype, it's important to recognize that these projects are still in their early stages.

However, we firmly believe that this technology will continue to advance rapidly and, with some refinements, can become useful for various basic tasks. And eventually, a whole lot more.

Experimenting with GPT-4 for Content Generation

We conducted an experiment using GPT-4 to create tweet threads, as we believe this is a task that Auto-GPTs could potentially automate. We aimed to gauge the effectiveness of AI-generated content in capturing audience attention.

The experiment generated three tweet threads:

The Google GPT-4 generated tweet garnered significantly more views than typical CNN tweets. Encouraged by the success of this experiment, we're now considering automating this process using Auto-GPTs and possibly sharing it on our Lore account.

What's Next for Auto-GPTs?

Currently, Auto-GPTs demonstrate capabilities in basic data collection and manipulation. They can gather information from the web and modify it using GPT-4-style prompts.

As a business owner, explore the potential of Auto-GPTs within your industry. Conduct tests to discover current capabilities and stay informed on advancements, as things are changing fast. And tho Auto-GPTs can't do much for your business just yet, that could change overnight. We'll be sharing more about what we learn from our experiments here over the next few issues.


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The Generative AI Application That Wowed Us

This week, a new technique was released that combines mip-NeRF 360 and grid-based models to accelerate Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) training while significantly reducing error rates. The method effectively addresses aliasing issues, resulting in a faster training process and enhanced image quality in 360° video flythroughs.This video shared by near shows how incredible it is. Hard to believe a neural model entirely rendered this.

 Zip-NeRF: Anti-Aliased Grid-Based Neural Radiance Fields

this is not a recorded video - it is fully rendered from a neural model!

uses ideas from rendering+dsp to improve nerfs, training 22x faster than mlp-nerf 360

arxiv: https://t.co/HXuIKXD3UC

page: https://t.co/FxW5u9Vu97 pic.twitter.com/1J7sdeURBD— near (@nearcyan) April 14, 2023 

It's exciting to think about what this type of technology will soon enable. Here are a few ideas:

  • Virtual Reality: Enhance immersive 3D environments with minimal aliasing artifacts.

  • Film/Animation: Create visually stunning scenes efficiently and with fewer imperfections.

  • Architectural Visualization: Produce accurate 3D project representations for better client communication.

Other Things We Found

Andrej Karpathy, ex-head of AI at Tesla, created a super fun movie search engine in one weekend using OpenAI's API + Wikipedia.

 Fun weekend hack: https://t.co/l6uyNmrXmu

🎥Took all 11,768 movies since 1970

🧮Took each movie's Summary+Plot from Wikipedia, embedded it with OpenAI API (ada-002)

📃 Wrapped it up into a movie search/recommendation engine site :)

it works ~okay hah, have to tune it a bit more. pic.twitter.com/aiVaaPRb5s— Andrej Karpathy (@karpathy) April 15, 2023 

Mark Tenenholtz created an open-source bot that allows you to ask questions about an algorithm such as the Twitter algorithm. So, if you want to understand how to grow faster on Twitter, maybe ask it some questions.

 Introducing Chat With the Algorithm!

It's an open-source bot I built that lets you ask questions about the Twitter Algorithm!

Ask it anything and it will answer (with references to the code) based on the most up-to-date codebase.

Check it out 👇 pic.twitter.com/8ahqwz7a5h— Mark Tenenholtz (@marktenenholtz) April 18, 2023 

Jason McGhee created this interesting plugin at the Cerebral Valley ChatGPT Plugin hackathon, which we sponsored.  The plugin allows you to create on-demand educational videos. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future on platforms like YouTube when anyone can create a video just by typing a few words...

 This is what I built this weekend at the @cerebral_valley ChatGPT Plugin hackathon.

Would be happy to take requests!

Content by GPT. Music by https://t.co/UrmTYDWI0T, voice by @elevenlabsio.

[On-Demand Educational Video Generation - A ChatGPT Plugin] https://t.co/eeb2i744qq— Jason McGhee (@_jason_today) April 17, 2023 


The Most Useful Generative AI Tool We Discovered This Week

We first mentioned Character.ai in Issue #21 when they raised a round from A16Z at an astonishing $1B valuation. And now we're finding out why the valuation was so high. In March... they had 107.2M visits to their website. Incredible.

 CharacterAI must have the highest growth-to-tech-twitter hype ratio ever. The site is massively scaling, and no one is talking about it. pic.twitter.com/uc9nSKdTlx— Amjad Masad ⠕ (@amasad) April 17, 2023 

Character.AI creates advanced chatbots and allows people to roleplay. For example, you can talk with celebrities like Elon Musk, God, and Thor – or even have a pair programmer buddy while you code. It's pretty fun. I could see how AI-empowered roleplaying could take off even more as this technology improves.

Other Tools We Found

  • Perplexity AI -  Kind of like ChatGPT but with cited sources.

  • Dolly 2.0 - Commercially viable, open-source LLM.


List of upcoming AI conferences, meetups, and hackathons

AI Fashion Week

Excited to announce Lore as a media sponsor for the inaugural AI Fashion Week, recently featured in Vogue!

The top 3 winners of their AI fashion contest will see their collections come to life with Revolve!

It's April 20th-21st in New York City. For more details, visit: https://fashionweek.ai

Other Events

Find more events in our AI events database

(If you want your event featured in Lore, please add it to the database!)


News, Investments, and Acquisitions Shaping the Generative AI Landscape

BabyAGI Brings on Fraser from Spark Capital To Lead The Project

Big news for BabyAGI and its creator Yohei Nakajima. Fraser, ex-Head of Product at OpenAI, has joined the project as the lead. Spark Capital, Replit, and Chroma are also supporting the project.  

 The response to @BabyAGI_ has been beyond my imagination…

So I'm bringing in help!

To start, we have @fraser joining us to help lead, with support @sparkcapital, @replit, @trychroma, and more partners to be announced soon!

A bit more on the vision 👇 pic.twitter.com/eEGaClG6Xw— Yohei (@yoheinakajima) April 18, 2023 

Elon Musk Launches X.AI, Hints at Potential Legal Action Against OpenAI

This week, news broke that Elon Musk has founded a new enterprise named X.AI, seemingly in an attempt to rival OpenAI.

Additionally, during an interview with Tucker Carlson, Musk disclosed his intention to launch a product dubbed "TruthGPT." Many observers have noted the striking similarity between this name and Donald Trump's social media platform, TruthSocial.

Also, in a tweet, he hinted that he might take legal action against OpenAI.

Google Panics as Samsung Considering Dropping Them

In a further demonstration of Google lagging in the AI race, The New York Times has reported that Samsung is contemplating replacing Google as their default search engine. This could be a significant setback for Google, particularly if other mobile providers decide to do the same.

Compounding the issue, Alphabet's share price experienced a 4% decline due to the news.

Amazon Announced New Tools for Building with Generative AI on AWS

Amazon has introduced Bedrock, a new service providing access to generative AI on AWS, signaling its commitment to advancing in this field.

Currently, in limited preview, Bedrock allows customers to build and scale AI-based applications via an API. It hosts a library of foundation models, including two large language models under Amazon Titan FMs. These models can create text, improve searches, and personalize content, among other capabilities.

Recently, Jeff Bezos followed several AI influencers on Twitter from this Twitter thread, further indicating the company's serious interest in Generative AI.

Other News

  • Google just announced Project Magi, which could mean big changes for search. - Read thread

  • Adobe has revealed its AI-powered Firefly image generator, set to revolutionize video editing. - Read thread

  • Sony World Photography Award 2023: Winner refuses award after revealing AI creation - Read article

  • Universal Music Group calls AI music a ‘fraud,’ wants it banned from streaming platforms. Experts say it’s not that easy - Read article

  • Bloomberg just introduced BloombergGPT. A 50-billion parameter LLM for finance. - Read thread

  • Stability AI debuts next-gen photorealistic image generation model - Read article


Expand Your Knowledge with Key Generative AI Papers, Articles, and Resources

This is a great reading list from our friend Siqi Chen.

 AI Canon Top 3 (non fiction):

1. The Scaling Hypothesis @gwernhttps://t.co/KfpP7d6Rkb

2. The AI Revolution @waitbutwhyhttps://t.co/aqpw8gUYTu

3. What is ChatGPT doing? @stephen_wolframhttps://t.co/I4IvC1Pkiw— Siqi Chen (@blader) April 17, 2023 

Other things we're reading and thinking about

  • ChatGPT can now predict stock moves based on headlines – Read article

  • Language models trained on media diets can predict public opinion - Read paper

  • Updated guide for Q&A with GPT and embeddings-based search - View Github repo

  • Reddit wants to charge OpenAI and other AI companies for their data – Read article

  • San Francisco GPT, an interesting experiment for neighborhood safety information - Try it


See you next week!

-Nathan Lands

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