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🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #9

Cover art by Destiny K 🌈


Another week full of major developments in AI. And we're getting closer to releasing the new version of Lore.com.

Let's get to it.

In today's issue:


  • 📰 AI NEWS: China bans AI-generated media without watermarks, Zapier integrates OpenAI, AI is making waves in the music industry

  • 💰WHO GOT FUNDING THIS WEEK: NotCo, Akros Technologies, NeuReality, Protopia AI, AAICO, SellScale, In-Med Prognostics, Pactum, Perceiv AI, Pathway,  Pixyle AI, Gaia AI, Chattermill, Pictor Labs, 9fin, Osome, WeWalk, Urban Machine, Koble

  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: Imagine 3D by Luma. Plus: Lexica Aperture, Lensa, MakeLogoAI, Ellie, ChatGPT + Scenario.gg

  • 🧠THINGS WE LEARNED: Prompt engineering could soon become a lucrative job, the rise of Aigarism, ChatGPT storybooks

  • FEATURED ARTISTS: Destiny K 🌈, julsme.eth, PH0ΞNYX, OddlyPrompt



Chinese students have invented a coat that gets past AI security cameras.

Called InvisDefense, it uses camouflage prints designed through an algorithm that effectively blind visible light cameras during the day. At night, embedded thermal devices emit unusual heat signals to confuse infrared cameras.

InvisDefense or similar technology could be used for stealth military uniforms to evade detection from drones, or AI-controlled units on the battlefield.

The coat still appears ordinary to human eyes and is thus ineffective at hiding wearers from human-monitored security cameras — but it could confuse some of the detection systems used in self-driving cars (but not the human drivers).

InvisDefense won first prize in a contest sponsored by Huawei Technologies. A paper describing the technology is due to be presented at the AAAI 2023 AI conference in the US in February.

 How Chinese students came up with an ‘invisibility cloak’ that evades security cameras

The InvisDefense coat allows the wearer to be seen but not detected as human, with implications for anti-drone tech and the battlefieldhttps://t.co/ePozkJag2N@tnatw— BB Hong (Jing-Yu) (@BB_Hong_tw) December 5, 2022 

Jasper in the news: Jasper Achieves Unprecedented Growth in 2022 with ~100,000 Customers and Over 100% Increase in ARR — read article | or just check it out for yourself 👇


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China bans AI-generated media without watermarks, Zapier integrates OpenAI, AI is making waves in the music industry

China bans AI-generated media without watermarks

China has become increasingly worried about the threat of AI-generated deepfakes, and its Cyberspace Administration recently issued regulations prohibiting the creation of AI-generated media without clear labels like watermarks.

These strict regulations are quite different from the non-binding guidelines proposed by the United States.

China has its own AI image generation model called ERNIE-ViLG (developed by Baidu) and it's politically censored.

Zapier integrates OpenAI

Zapier has made it possible to connect OpenAI to 5,000+ apps with no code — making it much easier for developers to build around AI.

 It's official! We're launching OpenAI on Zapier 🎉

Thank you, @yoheinakajima, for building something amazing that we can now share with everyone!

P.S. Y'all are already building SUPER cool stuff with AI + Zapier.

Here are a few of our favorites ⬇️— Zapier (@zapier) December 9, 2022 

AI is making waves in the music industry

Similar to art and written content, no one is really sure who owns the copyright to music and audio created (in whole or in part) by AI.

 How to become a music artist w/o skills:

1.) Use ChatGTP to write a song

2.) Use AI to "sing it" with MurfAI or similar

3.) Overlay lyrics onto an AI generated beat using Soundful

Voila!— matt. (@MattMickiewicz) December 13, 2022 

A Forbes article entitled "Artificial Intelligence Has Big Implications For Ownership In The Music Industry" stated:

AI-generated performers and music have the potential to completely remove human input. Once we pass the threshold, we’ll be forced to confront a host of novel questions about how non-human music creators will be treated. Will they be paid? Who will own the copyright to their songs? Will they be eligible to win awards such as a Grammy?

Dancehall Magazine posted an excerpt of song lyrics generated by AI in a matter of seconds, and discussed potential implications for the music industry.

Who got funding this week

  • NotCo raised $70M to expand its revolutionary plant-based food-tech AI called Giuseppe.

  • Akros Technologies raised $2.3M for its asset management software platform that mines market data for stocks.

  • NeuReality raised $35M to teach AI to evaluate and analyze new information.

  • Protopia AI raised $6M for its software solution that extracts insights without exposing sensitive information.

  • The Applied AI Company (AAICO) raised $42M to further its growth in the US and Europe.

  • SellScale raised $3M for AI-powered marketing emails.

  • In-Med Prognostics raised $2.13M to expand its AI-backed neurological healthcare product.

  • Pactum raised $20M for its AI-powered software that helps blue-chip companies automate routine supplier negotiations.

  • Perceiv AI raised $1.5M to predict the progression of diseases associated with aging.

  • Pathway raised $4.5M to provide companies with real-time analysis of fast-moving data from multiple sources.

  • Pixyle AI raised €1M to identify and categorize fashion items using visual AI algorithms.

  • Gaia AI raised $3M to process LiDAR, camera, and satellite data on forests.

  • Chattermill raised $26M to extract insights from customer experience data.

  • Pictor Labs raised $18M for its AI-powered clinical research platform.

  • 9fin raised $23M for its financial services data and analytics platform.

  • Osome raised $25M for its AI-based business assistant app.

  • WeWalkraised £2M to develop a "smart cane" for visually impaired people.

  • Urban Machine raised $5.6M to turn demolition wood waste into usable lumber using AI-powered robotics.

  • Koble raised $1.2M for its AI-powered platform that improves investment decisions.


Imagine 3D by Luma AI

Thanks to community member Sebastian for suggesting Imagine 3D to us.

Discussing AI's enormous potential to disrupt game development and movie production has been a recurring theme in previous issues of Lore.

Today, Luma AI introduced the alpha of Imagine 3D. A new tool that allows users to easily create 3D models from text. With Imagine 3D, all you need to do is provide a description of the object you want to create and the software will generate a 3D model based on your specifications.

 ✨ Introducing Imagine 3D: a new way to create 3D with text!

Our mission is to build the next generation of 3D and Imagine will be a big part of it. Today Imagine is in early access and as we improve we will bring it to everyone https://t.co/VIdilw7kpa pic.twitter.com/v6Yi0mwZsY— Luma AI (@LumaLabsAI) December 14, 2022 

Using natural language processing and advanced algorithms, Imagine 3D can understand the nuances of your description and generate a highly detailed 3D model. This means you can create complex objects with precision and accuracy without needing any prior experience in 3D modeling.

The potential for Imagine 3D is enormous, even though it is currently in Alpha, and its usage is limited. In the near future, it may be possible to use Imagine 3D to create full 3D models for games and movies, significantly reducing production costs and time.

Imagine if AAA games that currently take five years and $100 million to make could potentially be produced in just one year for $10 million with the help of Imagine 3D and other companies like Scenario.gg. I am personally very excited about this future and the possibilities it holds.

What else we found this week

Lexica just released a new model called Aperture which can generate photorealistic images from text prompts.

 Introducing Lexica Aperture - a model that can generate realistic looking photographs.

Try the beta out for yourself here. (log in then click the Aperture tab)https://t.co/k6cQwsUIIf— Sharif Shameem (@sharifshameem) December 12, 2022 

So far, it has received glowing reviews from the community.

 LexicaArt's New Aperture Model is 🚀out of this world 🌏 !

Great work by the team.

I had to showcase this in a thread 🧵— Aaditya AI (@aaditya_ai) December 13, 2022 

Lensa has been going viral for a couple of weeks now, and still seems to be going strong. There's been a lot of controversy regarding the use of images it was trained on though, with some people calling for stricter copyright laws.

 This mobile app called "Lensa" is going crazy right now, doing $1M+ in revenue per day, growing rapidly. (see img below)

It uses Stable Diffusion to create AI images of anyone if you give it 20 images.

Some people see new tech and get fearful, others see opportunity. pic.twitter.com/rIuU285dWn— Loopify 🧙‍♂️ (@Loopifyyy) December 7, 2022 

People worried about their images or art being AI training fodder have been using a site called Have I Been Trained? to search a database of 5.8 billion images used to train popular AI art models.

 You can use "Have I Been Trained" to check to see if your artwork has been used to train the art-stealers (as in, it checks the databases used, laion5b and laion400m)

You can also FLAG YOUR IMAGES FOR REMOVAL via this site!https://t.co/VRrnLH4iMK pic.twitter.com/i0bZs6xI0T— なぎさ@曼殊沙華 (Jp) (@0v3rachi3v3r) December 5, 2022 

We love this new logo-making app called MakeLogoAI, currently in beta with a 30% discount.

 WE DID IT!! 🚀🚀

Thank you, everyone! 🥰

Those last 24h have been crazy!

Still tons of improvements to be made, but I got tons of feedback!

I'm going to focus on making https://t.co/7l0vDlkNzv the go-to app to generate amazing logos fast! Will make a roadmap soon 😃 pic.twitter.com/RrLM9xD9S9— Nico (@nico_jeannen) December 12, 2022 

People have been combining different AI tools to create incredible things.

 I used #ChatGPT to write a script from the perspective of Rick Sanchez. Then I used a different AI to change my voice into a big Sanchez character, and finally I used a third AI to track my face with a 3-D model of Rick Sanchez. #ai #RickandMorty pic.twitter.com/9disKmouOt— Don Allen Stevenson III (@DonAllenIII) December 13, 2022 

Ellie is an AI-powered email assistant that could make you more efficient at email. Thanks to community member Nick for sharing this with us.

 It's ready! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Introducing Ellie - your email assistant! 💌

Ellie is powered by @OpenAI and will learn your writing style and reply to emails as if you wrote them 🔥

If you want to be an early user, please retweet and comment below and I'll send you an invite code! 🙂 pic.twitter.com/ERrjYgWleG— James Ivings (@JamesIvings) December 14, 2022 

Emm shared an update on the Alpha of Scenario GG in combination with ChatGPT to create battle backgrounds for a mobile game. Very cool.  

 👋 Who's interested in a thread 🧵 about using #ChatGPT + @Scenario_gg to easily create amazing

battle backgrounds for a mobile #game?

I've AI-generated dozens of cool backgrounds tonight w. https://t.co/dlRJIWLesy. Wrapping up the exploration & getting ready to share it.

👇👇 pic.twitter.com/9cX5FCx9Pu— Emm (@emmanuel_2m) December 13, 2022 


Prompt engineering could soon become a lucrative job, the rise of Aigarism, ChatGPT storybooks

🥋 Prompt Tips of the Week

The ALTechist says: "In MJ, weighting different elements of a prompt helps to separate them in the generation even if they are all weighted the same. For example to separate the colors of a subject and the background."

Gothlytical Art says: "Doubling up keywords works more accurately than weighting, as does properly ordering the words you use. Typically it goes: brief description, description clarifier#1, stylization, description clarifier #2, modifiers."

Prompt engineering could soon become a lucrative job

A market is starting to appear for people skilled at writing prompts for AI text tools like ChatGPT or image tools like Midjourney. Promptbase is one such market where you can buy and sell generative AI prompts.

“You have to find ways to talk to the model to get the correct output. The problem is there aren’t many people doing this job yet: I found only a handful on LinkedIn." — AI entrepreneur Colin Treseler, co-founder of Supernormal

AI + Plagiarism = Aigarism

There is increasing concern that people are using text generators such as ChatGPT to plagiarize. Since the generated text is similar to human writing, it's easy for people to pass it off as their own work without making significant changes, if any.

 While I believe that AI is a powerful and useful tool, I think the rules against aigiarism should be roughly similar to those against plagiarism.— Paul Graham (@paulg) December 12, 2022 

ChatGPT storybooks

A few people have created storybooks using ChatGPT for the text and an image generation tool such as DALLE-2 or Midjourney.

 ChatGPT can write stories and then tell DALLE-2 prompts to illustrate them. I asked it to write a children's story about "a robot that wanted to be a human." Here's the story it came up with: (0/11)— Eric Zelikman (@ericzelikman) December 8, 2022 

But not everyone is happy about it ↘️

ChatGPT has led to countless innovations — but it's also notoriously unreliable

It definitely does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to writing about marketing and business strategy...

 So. Yesterday I created a startup in a day with the help of #ChatGPT called https://t.co/eqckOLHa55. I also asked ChatGTP to generate a businessmodel for CopyMagic. Loved the response, never going to figure out a business model myself ever again 😂. Implemented it right away! pic.twitter.com/S3k6cYXPI9— Jantine Doornbos (@JantineDoornbos) December 8, 2022 

and people have used it for some crazy things...

...but it can also contradict itself repeatedly when it comes to simple facts (which is why we spoke about Stack Overflow banning it in our last issue).

 Chat GPT spouting crap authoritatively. pic.twitter.com/BNSUSFJZ9v— fofrAI (@fofrAI) December 12, 2022 

All things considered, what are people willing to pay for ChatGPT? $8 per month seems to be the limit for most people, based on a poll by Bojan Tunguz.

 What would be the *maximum* you'd be willing to pay for a monthly subscription to ChatGPT *in its current form*?— Bojan Tunguz (@tunguz) December 12, 2022 

Further Study 📖

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  • AI Infrastructure: CoreWeave Secures $100M to Expand NVIDIA HGX H100 GPU Offering, Usher in New Era of AI Innovation — read article

  • AI in Manufacturing: AI Can Enable a New Era in Manufacturing Sector — read article

  • AI in Travel and Tourism: Abu Dhabi Customs launches Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Tariff Management & Smart Classification System — read article

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  • Can machines invent things without human help? These AI examples show the answer is ‘yes’ — read article

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Destiny K 🌈, julsme.eth, PH0ΞNYX, OddlyPrompt

This week's contest theme was Lost Civilization.


Created by julsme.eth

Created by PH0ΞNYX

Created by OddlyPrompt


Our new website is coming soon, and we look forward to sharing it with you all.

See you next week!

-Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit


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