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🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #8

Cover Art by julsme.eth


What a wild week with one of the biggest releases in AI history. ChatGPT.

Let's get to it.

In today's issue:


  • 📰 AI NEWS: Stack Overflow temporarily bans answers generated by ChatGPT, AI technology is outpacing governance Plus: AI startups that got funding this week

  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: The Avengers (1980) directed by Wes Anderson

  • 🧠THINGS WE LEARNED: The world’s first AI software builder is here, Apple is getting involved in AI, and AI is helping with the global semiconductor shortage

  • FEATURED ARTISTS: julsme.eth, dave.ai, Lust, Destiny K 🌈



It's been a wild week in the world of technology as everyone is buzzing about the latest breakthrough: ChatGPT. This revolutionary new AI tool is making waves and leaving people in awe of its capabilities.

For those who haven't heard, ChatGPT is a large language model trained by OpenAI that is able to carry on natural, human-like conversations. It's been described as "mind-blowing" and has people wondering how it will change the future of communication and technology.

Many are still trying to wrap their heads around the implications of ChatGPT and what it means for the future. It's a reminder that humans often struggle to process major changes and understand their long-term effects. This is not unlike the reaction to the advent of the internet in the 90s, when people were unsure of what it would mean for society.

Here is what ChatGPT had to say about itself.

One of the key features of ChatGPT is its ability to provide personalized responses to user input. This means that when a user asks a question or provides some information, ChatGPT is able to understand the context and provide a relevant and appropriate response. This makes ChatGPT an excellent tool for engaging in conversation and collaborating on projects.

In addition to its personalized responses, ChatGPT is also able to generate original text on a wide range of topics. This allows it to assist with tasks such as writing articles, creating reports, or even composing entire documents from scratch. With its advanced language capabilities, ChatGPT can help users quickly and easily generate high-quality text without the need for extensive editing or proofreading.

Overall, ChatGPT is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that can assist with a wide range of tasks. Its ability to provide personalized responses and generate original text makes it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their communication and collaboration skills. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone looking for a new way to engage with technology, ChatGPT is definitely worth checking out.

Okay, human writing again. Right?

For now, ChatGPT is free to use, but its creators at OpenAI have hinted that they may need to monetize the platform in the future. As Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has stated, "We will need to figure out a way to make money on this eventually."

 we will have to monetize it somehow at some point; the compute costs are eye-watering— Sam Altman (@sama) December 5, 2022 

Regardless of future plans, it's clear that ChatGPT has captured the imagination of many and is poised to continue its impressive growth. It will be interesting to see how it evolves and what new capabilities it develops.

Ways people are using ChatGPT

Strategic planning

 🤯 pic.twitter.com/sgIPGnE92s— Aaron Levie (@levie) December 5, 2022 

Software Development

 This site was built in less than 10 minutes using a few ChatGPT prompts and Replit.

Here's a glimpse into how software development has changed forever 👇 pic.twitter.com/sSYK4Umlm6— Replit ⠕ (@Replit) December 5, 2022 

 I’ve now spent several days writing code with ChatGPT as my pair programmer.

I can definitively say that I’d pay $1k/mo for it.

Copilot/Ghostwriter + ChatGPT is at least a 2x productivity improvement.— Mckay Wrigley (@mckaywrigley) December 6, 2022 


 Google is done.

Compare the quality of these responses (ChatGPT) pic.twitter.com/VGO7usvlIB— josh (@jdjkelly) November 30, 2022 

Movie Scripts


 ChatGPT saved me an hour of spreadsheet work today. It wrote a complex sorting script beyond my ability, explained how it works, and helped me deploy it.

The party tricks have been fun, but this was a whoa moment for me similar to the first time I used Google Search.— Tom Randall (@tsrandall) December 6, 2022 

The excitement around ChatGPT continues to build as many believe it to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern history. This latest version, known as "GPT3.5," has already impressed with its ability to carry on natural, human-like conversations.

But the best may be yet to come, as rumors suggest that GPT4 is on the horizon and could be released soon. If it lives up to the hype, 2023 could be even wilder than the last few years, which is saying a lot.


People have built a Siri shortcut, a Telegram bot, and a  Google Chrome extension for ChatGPT.

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Stack Overflow temporarily bans answers generated by ChatGPT, AI technology is outpacing governance

ChatGPT has sent shockwaves through almost every industry, absolutely dominating the news this week.

Stack Overflow temporarily bans answers generated by ChatGPT

Stack Overflow is a forum for coders and programmers to post questions and answers relating to computer code.

It's so easy to get clever-sounding answers from ChatGPT that seem right at first glance, that people have been flooding Stack Overflow with them.

The problem is that these answers "have a high rate of being incorrect" and are typically not fact-checked by those who post them, causing a problem for the site. As a result, a temporary ban has been enforced until a permanent policy on such matters can be created.  

AI technology is outpacing governance

When technology progresses faster than regulation can contain it (think crypto), it poses an administrative headache for governing bodies.

Here's an article comparing Canada's Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA) and the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act:

AI startups that got funding this week

  • Anduril raised $1.5B to build software and hardware (incl. drones and underwater vehicles) enhanced with AI/ML for the military and defense industry.

  • Shield raised $20M to help financial organizations mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency and reduce compliance costs using AI and NLP.

  • OneOrder raised $3M for restaurant supply chain solutions.

  • Private AI raised $10.7M to protect personal data from privacy breaches.

  • Intelligent Traffic Control raised $5M to predict traffic patterns using computer vision and AI/machine learning algorithms.

  • BeeHero raised $42M to put AI sensors in beehives and aid the declining bee population.

  • Intelligent AI raised £2M for insurance risk management.

  • Frame AI raised $7.6M for its customer intelligence platform.

  • Turbine AI raised $20M for its cell simulation platform.

  • Secjur raised €5.5M for its compliance automation platform.

  • ImVitro raised $2.5M to improve IVF process with AI.


The Avengers (1980) directed by Wes Anderson

This week, our community's own digiguru created a series of AI artworks depicting The Avengers as filmed by Wes Anderson in 1980. The art went viral and caught the attention of Marvel's Joe and Anthony Russo themselves, who shared it on their Instagram. Whoa 🤯

 The Avengers (1980) directed by Wes Anderson #aiart #midjourneyV4 pic.twitter.com/NsRxUifOgu— digiguru 🐀 (@thedigiguru) December 4, 2022 

digiguru mentioned that a tweet by WeavingWithAI inspired the style.

 Just want to say to my new followers that this is the tweet that inspired my Wes Anderson Avengers stuff.

Please follow @GanWeaving https://t.co/w5zZWoNjxR— digiguru 🐀 (@thedigiguru) December 6, 2022 

What else we found this week

Character.AI lets you chat with bots based on the personalities of fictional and real life people — like Alan Turing and Elon Musk, or Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Eric Cartman (South Park).

Of course, the conversations are completely made up and designed to be entertaining (read: not to be taken seriously).

But the underlying technology is definitely intriguing. Character.AI states that it's "building the next generation of dialog agents—with a long-tail of applications spanning entertainment, education, general question-answering and others."

Is it based on ChatGPT?

No, Character.AI has its own proprietary technology based on large language models, which the company built from the ground up.

 The team at https://t.co/ivc3UQsFMz is technically ferocious; their transformer implementation is head and shoulders above the pack at 250 TFLOP/s https://t.co/3w06Zu1jzj— Nat Friedman (@natfriedman) December 6, 2022 

Character.AI is not limited to chatbots: it's a full stack Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) company that lets you create your own AI.

From our community

DestinyK 🌈, one of our featured artists this week, posted an AI artwork in response to Elon Musk, and Grimes called his attention to it (thanks Eroteme Art for sharing!)

 @elonmusk would love to see some sick art on twitter like @destinykrainbow or @ClaireSilver12 — any time yall use these kinds images (see purple hand) u could replace with theirs (+ builds human ai relations lol) pic.twitter.com/nRxfLBijco— 𝔊𝔯𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔰 (@Grimezsz) December 5, 2022 

ScottieFox shared some new AR concept work he's been busy with and it's looking 🔥🔥🔥

 Sneak peak of AR concept. Pre-development stage.

Endless possibilities and applied use-cases.

Tools used:

Stable Diffusion (for continuous AI content)

Touchdesigner (for conda enviro & compositing)

Stereolabs Zed2i (for xyz tracking)#AIart #AR #StableDiffusion #touchdesigner pic.twitter.com/FJ6Jm6rUuy— ScottieFox (@ScottieFoxTTV) December 6, 2022 

KbamWillis highlighted that Motionleap allows you to animate any image and has a built-in AI for generating images. This tip was definitely nostalgic as we covered Motionleap in the very first issue of Lore.

Squteart mentioned the combination of Microsoft speech, Midjourney and ChatGPT. Awesome.

Isabelle Doll reached out to let us know that a group of artists she's part of, called ArtWave, helped with a VR experience at Art Basel in Miami last week. In the experience people could tell them their favorite things and then they generated art from those keywords.


The world’s first AI software builder is here, Apple is getting involved in AI, and AI is helping with the global semiconductor shortage

🥋 Prompt Tip of the Week: dave.ai recommends adding "infographic" to your prompt for some interesting results. arvizu_la suggests trying out "dvd screenshot" or "anime screencap" to turn simple prompts into anime show pics.

Qatalog: the world’s first AI software builder is here 🤯

The world's first generative AI that designs and builds software instantly has arrived, and it's called Qatalog. Currently in beta, it is now possible for anyone to create a made-to-measure software platform for their organization in seconds — and then customize it further to suit their needs.

Will be interesting to see how this compares to what the folks over at Replit are building.

Apple is getting involved in Generative AI

Apple is now officially contributing to the development of open-source Generative AI.

 This is huge.

Apple just released a Core ML conversion tool and inference pipeline for Stable Diffusion. Their code is inspired by diffusers and a pleasure to read.

We converted the weights for you in the Hub. Go play with them!https://t.co/vNDrY1juvu pic.twitter.com/bZwKnDiVkK— Pedro Cuenca (@pcuenq) December 1, 2022 

As a MacbookPro M1 user, it's been a pain using Stable Diffusion. It's exciting to see Apple stepping up to optimize SD for Mac users. And it's an incredibly positive sign for the entire space that a major player like them is contributing to open-source Gen AI.

AI is helping with the global semiconductor shortage

The global shortage of printed circuit boards (PCBs), semiconductors and other essential electronic components have caused production bottlenecks in industries from medical devices to automobiles and critical infrastructure.

One of the most labor-intensive aspects of PCB production is manual inspection for defects, which is now being aided by AI through highly automated, human-in-the-loop visual quality inspection (VQI) systems.

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Further Study 📖

AI in Healthcare —

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julsme.eth, dave.ai, Lust, Destiny K 🌈 

This week's contest theme was ❄️ winter wonderland.

Winner: julsme.eth

Runner Ups:

Created by dave.ai

Created by Lust

Created by Destiny K 🌈


Glad to have you along for the journey.

See you next week!

-Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit


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