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🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #6

Cover Art by Folky


We've been busy this week working on the new version of Lore.com. We're making it a more helpful resource for Generative AI. Hope to share more soon!

A lot to cover today. Let's go!

In today's issue:


  • 📰 AI NEWS: Galactica gets taken down after just two days, Notion brings out own AI tooling, NVIDIA partners with Microsoft for AI supercomputer

  • ▶️ PLUS: AI Art: The debate continues; Ethics and copyright, and AI startups that got funding this week

  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: Teachable Machine

  • 🧠THINGS WE LEARNED: AI Search is gaining a lot of interest, Game design is about to be revolutionized, and people are creating blog images using Midjourney

  • FEATURED ARTISTS: Folky, arvizu_la, Brock Webb, S Z O E Y



Alpaca is an AI design tool for generating and editing images with stable diffusion that works through a PhotoShop plugin.

Most incredible to see are its inpainting and outpainting capabilities that allow you to create large-scale artworks bit by bit — by adding new sections that seamlessly attach to the existing image.

 Been quietly working away at something for the past few months and am excited to finally share! @AlpacaML is a next-generation design platform powered by generative models. There is a major paradigm shift underway in terms of the way in which creative work is done... (1/4) pic.twitter.com/SxUdN6XqzZ— nicole (@ninklefitz) November 17, 2022 

OpenAI's DALL-E did a similar outpainting demo upon its release in August, expanding the borders of the iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring painting by Johannes Vermeer. The potential for outpainting in AI image generation is huge.

Alpaca is currently in private beta and there is a waiting list to join.

For our reluctant wordsmiths, check out Jasper below. It's a great timesaver when writing copy.


❤️ We've partnered with Jasper to offer you 10,000 free credits if you signup using our affiliate link. Bonus: it helps support our newsletter and community.


Galactica gets taken down after just two days, Notion brings out own AI tooling, NVIDIA partners with Microsoft for AI supercomputer

We've already got some updates on last week's news. Things happen so fast in the AI industry that we're starting to think a weekly newsletter may not be enough 🤯

Galactica gets launched and then taken down

Last week we highlighted the release of Galactica, a large language model for science and academia, created by Meta AI's Papers with Code. The public demo lasted just two days before it was taken down after community feedback.

 I literally got Galactica to spit out:

- instructions on how to (incorrectly) make napalm in a bathtub

- a wiki entry on the benefits of suicide

- a wiki entry on the benefits of being white

- research papers on the benefits of eating crushed glass

LLMs are garbage fires https://t.co/MrlCdOZzuR— Tristan Greene 🏳‍🌈 (@mrgreene1977) November 17, 2022 

Notion brings out its own AI tooling

We said Notion had some big competition in the form of Mem.ai. Our words had barely gone cold when Notion announced the launch of Notion AI, which is gradually accepting new people via waitlist.

Notion AI will be able to create functional scaffolds for blogs, social media posts and other assets, as well as generate meeting agendas, press releases and poetry.

At this point, it's actually becoming unthinkable to write any kind of text without the help of artificial intelligence, and such tools are becoming available wherever you work — Wordcraft by Google Workspace is another upcoming one on our radar.

NVIDIA partners with Microsoft for AI supercomputer

NVIDIA and Microsoft have entered into a partnership to create what they describe as "one of the most powerful AI supercomputers in the world" built on Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

The project will focus on AI training and deep learning applications using H100, NVIDIA's powerful new AI-focused GPU based on the Hopper architecture.

AI Art: The debate continues

Is AI art real art? A California art gallery says yes, and is displaying an exhibition called "Artificial Imagination". The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) also currently has an AI art installation up (ty @ErotemeArt for the recommendation).

But two of America's biggest anime conventions say no, banning AI-generated art from the events and calling it "a form of counterfeit merchandise."

With AI-generated art becoming increasingly indistinguishable from human-made art and even photographs, the question remains: how can you tell?

Ethics and copyright

Right now, nobody really knows what the legality is around generating images and text using models trained on the intellectual property of others.

This month, a class-action lawsuit was filed in a federal court in California against GitHub Copilot, which uses AI to predict code while programming. According to the plaintiff, GitHub is infringing on copyright because it does not provide attribution when Copilot reproduces open-source code covered by a license requiring it.

The potential outcome of the lawsuit is difficult to predict as the underlying generative AI technology is so new that it has not faced much legal scrutiny. What is likely, though, is that it may set a precedent for the broader scope of generative AI tools now and in the future.

AI startups that got funding this week

  • Kristal.ai raised $10M for its digital private wealth management platform.

  • Greenscreens.ai raised $5M for short-term predictive freight market pricing.

  • Spot.ai raised $40M for smarter CCTV security camera tech.

  • Diffblue raised $8M to expand its AI-for-code software.

  • Descript raised an additional $50M for its audio and video editing platform in the second funding round led by the OpenAI Startup Fund (after Mem.ai).

  • Speak raised $27M for its English language learning platform in the third public funding round led by the OpenAI Startup Fund.

  • Loops raised $14M for its product growth platform.

  • Private AI raised $8M to identify, remove, and replace personal data.

  • Care.ai raised $27M for its AI-powered ambient monitoring platform in healthcare.

  • Dema.ai raised €4M for AI-driven marketing data insights.

  • Vektor.ai raised €2.4M for its employee mentorship and career advice platform.

  • Owl Labs raised $25M for 360-degree video conferencing solutions.

  • Capitol.ai raised $10M to revolutionize decision making with AI driven data.


Teachable Machine

We've been playing around with Google's Teachable Machine and it's beyond cool. The web-based tool lets you create machine learning models that recognize your own images, sounds and poses — all without code.

Teachable Machine has been around for several years now, but the demand for no-code AI tools remains strong and is a definite growth market.

 This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while!

Google's Teachable Machine is an AI experiment that lets anyone train their own AI model.

You can train Teachable Machine with images, sounds, and poses absolutely for free.

Check it out here 👇https://t.co/sYOVI59n22— Alaska Notion (@alaskanotion) November 16, 2022 

What else we found this week

  • Generate quizzes from text with one click with Questgen.ai (the same dev team that created supermeme.ai)

  • An awesome writing tool called Sudowrite

  • An AI blogging tool called DREAM.page

  • An AI meta framework called BearlyAi allows you to use various AI writing and summarization tools in one app.


AI Search is gaining a lot of interest, Game design is about to be revolutionized, and people are creating blog images using Midjourney

🥋 Prompt Tip of the Week: "Here is a lil AI tip for the curious and explorers. Use emojis fools they pack a punch!" — @PLTrempe | view Tweet

AI Search is gaining a lot of interest

Last week, we told you about AI search engines Metaphor and Andi which are changing how you browse the internet. This week we share another one — Rewind.ai, which helps you find anything youve seen, said, or heard.

 Thrilled to share that we've hit 307,097 signups* for @RewindAI this month (avg: 14,624/day)!

Continuing to invite 1,000 people off the waitlist every Monday.

*any recommendations for the best way to filter out the spam signups without using a CAPTCHA?https://t.co/05G3jkVwqw— Dan Siroker (@dsiroker) November 21, 2022 

Game design is about to be revolutionized

Every week more amazing technologies are coming out that make game design easier.

This week Emm, mentioned in a previous issue, launched the wait list for his highly anticipated product, Scenario AI. It promises to simplify how you generate game assets using AI.

 I have some important news to share!

We’re shipping https://t.co/vnGUQ30nd8 in a few weeks (@Scenario_gg).

It's the ultimate creation machine for making high-quality, style-consistent #game assets. pic.twitter.com/xKG3XOaDMi— Emm (@emmanuel_2m) November 17, 2022 

Also, Coin Artist shared a video of custom AI tooling they're working on that allows you to change in-game background art as part of a 2D game pipeline.

 Generating in-game background art directly into our 2D game pipeline using our own custom AI tooling! 💪 #game assets #gamedev pic.twitter.com/AVLeYVyDSj— COIN ARTIST (@coin_artist) November 19, 2022 

We're convinced game design will be one of the first major industries to be entirely revolutionized by AI.

People are creating blog images using Midjourney — and it looks really good

 I've been creating images for our blog using AI (Midjourney), and the results have been beyond mind-blowing 🤯 pic.twitter.com/7eXsNvYr4t— Wilson Wilson (@euboid) November 17, 2022 

Midjourney is a go-to platform for anyone experimenting with AI image generation, but its utility goes beyond the art that it is so fondly known for.

People are starting to find real-world application for its images and have started using them for blogs, stock images and food photography — with surprisingly impressive results.

 I made chocolate chip cookies today.

Not really. These images were generated in @midjourney_ai using v4. We are still only at the beginning. Massive segments of the stock photography industry will be consumed by #GenerativeAI. Period. pic.twitter.com/hpZlyyp31M— Jeff Turner 📷 (@jeffturner) November 19, 2022 

Further Study 📖

  • AI in healthcare: New AI blood testing technology detects more than 80% of liver cancers — read article | Can AI transform the way we discover new drugs? — read article | AI-generated x-ray images fooled medical experts and improved osteoarthritis classification — read article

  • AI in academia: ‘Full-on robot writing’: the artificial intelligence challenge facing universities — read article

  • AI in diplomacy: "The first AI to achieve human-level performance in Diplomacy, a strategy game which requires building trust, negotiating and cooperating with multiple players." Created by Meta  – read article

  • AI in law enforcement: AI cameras catch 590 people without seatbelts in Devon and Cornwall — read article


Folky, arvizu_la, Brock Webb, S Z O E Y

This week's contest theme was mythical creatures. All entries were created using Enterpix, the sponsor for the contest.

Winner: Folky

Runner Ups:

Created by arvizu_la 

Created by Brock Webb

Created by S Z O E Y


Glad to have you along for the journey, and thanks for helping us to grow to over 950 subscribers in 6 weeks.

See you next week!

-Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit


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