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🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #13

Cover AI Art by LunaMage

Good morning.

As we break into 2023, AI news is already starting to heat up with word that Microsoft is in talks to acquire 49% of OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. We're expecting 2023 to be the year of major AI announcements and acquisitions as companies realize that AI strategy will be the key differentiator for the future.

We have a lot to cover today.

Let's go.


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In today's issue:


  • 🎨 CREATIVE REALITY STUDIO by D-ID (sponsored)

  • 📰 AI NEWS: Microsoft explores $10B investment in OpenAI, OpenAI builds ChatGPT-powered iOS app, Google AI Introduces Muse, UK Government launches £7M freight tech fund

  • 💰WHO GOT FUNDING THIS WEEK: Worlds Enterprises, Profet AI, Qritive, Poly, Volta Medical, Tredence, MindPeers, Citrine Informatics, Mendoza Ventures, Perspectum, Rapid Silicon

  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: AI + AR Shopping Experiment

  • 🧠THINGS WE LEARNED: Getting reading for AI regulation, Maybe using an AI legal chatbot in the US Supreme Court, Schools are blocking ChatGPT



With the global popularity of ChatGPT, this week we're featuring another search engine with AI woven into its core — You.com.

Some say it's better than Google — it's definitely different, and allows you to search in new ways and with more options than traditional search engines.

You.com built its product to be centered around you, the user. It aims to save you time by showing the right content quicker, and displaying information in a way that allows comparison at a glance, without having to open individual links.

Key features

  • Standard industry features including search, images, videos, news, and maps

  • Built in AI-powered chatbot, image generator and text generator

  • Search tools for code, study and social

  • Additional customization options

Creative Reality™ Studio

by D-ID (sponsored)

🚩 Sponsor spotlight 🚩

D-ID recently launched the Creative Reality™ Studio, a self-service platform that lets you create videos of moving and talking avatars using Generative AI tools — Stable Diffusion, GPT-3, and D-ID’s unique facial animation technology.

With D-ID's platform, you can add custom-made videos generated from images and text to your presentations, corporate communications, or social media content.

Key features

  • Upload and animate any image of a face

  • Text-to-speech capabilities in 120+ languages

  • Script generation by GPT-3

  • Integration with PowerPoint

  • Upload a voice recording

  • Monthly plans start from $5.99

  • API access for Enterprise clients

✨ D-ID is giving LORE readers a 20% discount off the first month's subscription. Use the code LOREFRIENDS20 to take advantage of this offer ✨

What people are saying

 Messing around with @D_ID_ which turns avatar images into speaking videos.

Perfect for NFT Avatars.

Testing with @themetakey Metakrews. I wonder if there's a default integration we can do here.

Thanks for sharing @coin_artist pic.twitter.com/mQzRuIbzbm— 🍞 Matty (@DCLBlogger) December 28, 2022 


Microsoft explores $10B investment in OpenAI, OpenAI builds ChatGPT-powered iOS app, Google AI Introduces Muse, UK Government launches £7M freight tech fund

Microsoft explores $10B investment in OpenAI

OpenAI is building a ChatGPT-powered iOS app, with an iMessage-like interface

Google AI Introduces Muse, says its better than DALL-E 2

Google has announced a new text-to-image generation/editing model that it says is quicker than competing methods because it uses parallel decoding and a compact, discrete latent space.

Compared to pixel-space diffusion models, such as Imagen and DALL-E 2, Muse is significantly more efficient due to the use of discrete tokens and requiring fewer sampling iterations; compared to autoregressive models, such as Parti, Muse is more efficient due to the use of parallel decoding. — Google Muse AI team

UK Government launches £7M freight tech fund

The UK government has made £7M in funding available to businesses developing technologies that decarbonize the freight sector by incorporating technology such as artificial intelligence. According to the report, up to 36 SMEs will receive a share of the funding from the freight innovation fund in the next three years.

“This fund will accelerate new ideas and technologies, helping to develop a future pipeline of innovations that can be rolled out to create jobs and allow everyone to get their goods faster and easier,” said Richard Holden, roads minister.

Who got funding this week

  • Worlds Enterprises raised $21M to create 4D infrastructure for building the Industrial Metaverse.

  • Profet AI raised $5.6M to develop no-code AI/ML solutions purpose-built for manufacturers in a range of industries.

  • Qritive raised $7.5M to improve digital pathology for cancer diagnosis.

  • Poly raised $4M to build Generative AI tools for designers to create customizable, HD design assets.

  • Volta Medical raised €36M for its AI software for cardiac ablation.

  • Tredence raised $175M for data science and AI solutions.

  • MindPeers raised $500,000 for its gamified mental fitness platform.

  • Citrine Informatics raised $16M to create AI software for materials, chemicals, and manufactured product development.

  • Mendoza Ventures raised $100M for its venture fund to invest in early growth stage startups in AI, fintech and cybersecurity.

  • Perspectum raised $36M for its AI-powered advanced imaging technology.

  • Rapid Silicon raised $30M to provide AI and intelligent edge-focused FPGAs based on open-source technology.  

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AI + AR Shopping Experiment

The future of ecommerce?

A wicked cool combination of genAI and Augmented Reality hints at what the future of online shopping could look like.

It's quite likely that the next generation won't be satisfied with flat, single-angle product images on a screen — they'll want to experience products first-hand in augmented reality before making that purchase decision.

 A new way to shop online? This augmented reality experiment explores a new approach to consumer interaction with online shopping. Wait until the end 👀

This #WebAR experience uses real-time reflections, baked cloth simulations and some #AI generated image textures. pic.twitter.com/RMmp1gYNef— I▲N CURTIS (@XRarchitect) January 10, 2023 

What else we found this week

An AI voice synthesizer created by Microsoft

 Watch out, VALL-E is coming!

An AI voice synthesizer created by Microsoft.

🔥 He only needs to listen to you for 3 seconds to be able to imitate your voice 🔥

In the next tweet I put a link to the tests so you can judge its quality. pic.twitter.com/jNCUJhCRfv— Javi Lopez ⛩️ (@javilopen) January 10, 2023 

Picsart’s SketchAI turns outlines into digital art

Neuro Sama, the first entirely AI VTuber that uses AI to play Minecraft and chat with viewers.

 This is Neuro Sama, the first of it's kind AI VTuber and streamer, which not only is playing the game by itself but also interacting with chat...

It requires moderation to keep in check but is constantly learning and getting better at both... holy pic.twitter.com/u4r3ALa9MN— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) January 2, 2023 


Getting reading for AI regulation, Maybe using an AI legal chatbot in the US Supreme Court, Schools are blocking ChatGPT

🥋 Prompt Tip of the Week: Combining images using Midjourney, shared by Guy Parsons

 Today's #AIart prompt is... not a word, but pictures!

🎨 You can use #MidJourney to combine dissimilar source images to create surprising new effects – kind of a whole new take on the photocollage!

Here's how 🧵👇 pic.twitter.com/ogCVjC8vPh— Guy Parsons (@GuyP) January 10, 2023 

A new system of AI regulation is coming to the UK

UK-based firms working with Artificial Intelligence systems should start to prepare for regulatory compliance in line with upcoming legislation.

In July 2022, the UK government proposed six cross-sector principles that will form the basis of the regulatory framework. Notably, the UK's approach is quite different to the planned AI Act of the EU.

Here's what firms should start to think about in the meantime:

  1. Ensuring AI is used safely

  2. Ensuring AI is technically secure and functions as designed

  3. Make sure that AI is appropriately transparent and explainable

  4. Embed considerations of fairness into AI

  5. Define legal persons responsible for AI governance

  6. Clarify routes to redress responsibility

Lawtech entrepreneur offers $1M to anyone who uses his AI chatbot in US Supreme Court

Joshua Browder is so confident in his legal AI chatbot that he is offering $1 million to any lawyer or person who wears AirPods during a US Supreme Court case and repeats everything the robot lawyer says.

The "robot lawyer" will already be the first of its kind to help a defendant fight a traffic ticket in court next month.

 We have upcoming cases in municipal (traffic) court next month. But the haters will say “traffic court is too simple for GPT.”

So we are making this serious offer, contingent on us coming to a formal agreement and all rules being followed.

Please contact me if interested!— Joshua Browder (@jbrowder1) January 9, 2023 

Schools are blocking ChatGPT

New York City schools are blocking ChatGPT to stop students generating essays.

Australian universities are returning to ‘pen and paper’ exams after students were also caught using AI to write essays.

All this comes amid widespread concern across academia that AI-written texts are becoming increasingly difficult to detect.

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See you next week,

Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit

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