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🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #12

Cover AI art by Nick (@fryingneurons)


This issue is brought to you by our sponsor, 

Welcome to 2023 and this year's first issue of Lore.

On the back of a huge year for generative AI with multiple globally-significant developments in the last three months alone, the world as we know it has changed forever.

It's now possible to create stock-quality images and captivating, coherent artworks in minutes from a few words and some emojis.

It's now easier (and arguably more effective) to use ChatGPT as a research partner than to use Google. And people around the world are using ChatGPT for every conceivable application, short of turning water into wine.

The shockwave of generative AI has left no industry untouched, and we're just getting started.

We're movin' on up in 2023. Let's get to it.

In today's issue:

  • 🚀LORE 2023 ROADMAP: Daily newsletter, Japan launch, Lore AI Tool, AI investment fund, Generative AI conferences

  • SCENARIO.GG: AI-generated game-assets

  • 📰 AI NEWS: Generative AI will mature soon, What's next for AI, The NY Times 2022 Good Tech Awards

  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: Holiday planned by ChatGPT

  • 🧠THINGS WE LEARNED: The AI copyright debate continues, AI played a big part in the creation of Avatar 2

  • FEATURED ARTISTS: Nick, PHØΞNYX, Sebastian, Ben Kanizay

LORE 2023


So where to from here?

Hold tight and enjoy the ride, because things are happening faster than anyone could have predicted.

From the team at Lore, we have some updates. Our new site is live and we're working to become your number-one resource for the latest news and industry developments in generative AI.

We're expanding to include AI consulting for corporates and startups, so that your business can stay ahead of the curve.

We're compiling and reviewing the best AI software and tools on the market to keep you on the bleeding edge. Our communities on Twitter and LinkedIn are growing strong, with Facebook coming soon.

Over the next year, we plan to:

  • Increase content production with more articles, guides, and resources.

  • Transition from a weekly newsletter to a daily newsletter.

  • Establish a presence in Japan with the launch of Lore.com/jp and Japanese content.

  • Introduce our first Generative AI tool in collaboration with a renowned machine learning expert. More details will be announced very soon.

  • Start a rolling fund to invest in Generative AI startups.

  • Launch an AI conference. Possibly in San Francisco and Tokyo.

We're looking for help with articles and guides. And all of the other projects mentioned. If you are interested, please let us know!


 AI-generatedgame assets (sponsored) 

🚩 Sponsor spotlight 🚩

Scenario.gg is a new startup at the crossroads of game development and Generative AI, which lets you create high-quality, style-consistent, proprietary assets for your games.

🕺 There is currently a waiting list of 18.5k people, but Lore readers can skip the queue with priority access.

Scenario is the first Generative AI company founded to give game developers and digital artists a GenAI that is efficient, consistent, and artist-defined. The Scenario GenAI Engine dramatically reduces the time to develop digital art assets, enhancing the productivity of game artists and the teams that rely on their work.

To chat to the Scenario team, jump on their Discord here.

Key features

  • Create proprietary AI models, custom-trained with your own data

  • Quickly test new game concepts and ideas, with more efficient prompting

  • Generate unique, high-quality content, cohesive to your art direction

What can you create with Scenario.gg?

✅ Worlds ✅ Maps ✅ Buildings ✅ Environments ✅ Weapons ✅ Clothing

✅ Gears ✅ Art Styles ✅ Props ✅ Resources ✅ GUI ✅ Vehicles ✅ Characters

What people are saying

 As someone who loves games and programming I’ve written lots of small games over the years. One thing I always felt made my work less clean was my lack of artistic ability. So much of a game is the art & music. I’m excited to see what tools like this enable! https://t.co/LLmtomiUF0— Lance Hasson (@lancehasson) November 19, 2022 


Generative AI will mature soon, What's next for AI, The NY Times 2022 Good Tech Awards

Generative AI will mature soon

According to NVIDIA's Director of AI, Gal Chechik, who was speaking at Calcalist’s 2023 Forecast conference:

“Generative AI was really visible this year, and the most exciting thing was generating images. We are expecting these products to mature soon. Today you can create fantastic images yet they are still hard to control. We will be seeing other types of control where you can doodle or sketch, making it easier to create content. I think this will be really exciting, people can create games or 3D worlds much more easily."

— watch video

What's next for AI?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DeepMind’s AlphaFold AI algorithm hinted at the industry transforming AI-enabled technologies to come

The NY Times 2022 Good Tech Awards

OpenAI, Midjourney and Stability AI were featured in the New York Times' Good Tech Awards for "proving that AI can create".

The splashiest tech breakthrough of the year, by a significant margin, was the boom in generative AI.

Some credit for the generative AI boom should go to Google, which created much of the foundational technology. But this year, Google (which has kept most of its AI experiments private, to its recent chagrin) got one-upped by OpenAI, as well as the makers of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, all of which released public-facing products that allowed millions of people to experience generative AI for themselves.

All eyes are on Google now, with everybody wondering what they've been working behind the scenes.

Who got funding this week

  • Recall.ai raised $2.7M to optimize virtual meeting data with a unified API that currently works with Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Team.

  • Folderly was a winner in the Google for Startups fund, and raised funds for its intelligent email performance solution to supercharge email marketing.

  • Motion G raised $15M to accelerate the developments of data-centric foundation models, digital twin and automation software to speed up industrial engineering processes.

Further reading on funding for AI startups

  • AI industry booming amid ‘tech recession’ — read article

  • Measuring Your Way to Funding Success with AI and Connected Vehicle Data — read article


Holiday planned by ChatGPT

Since things have been relatively calm this week due to the New Year, we decided to highlight something interesting that the winner of our AI art contest shared.

Nick, an indie hacker that created hairstyleAI.com, shared a really cool experience he had over New Year where he used ChatGPT to plan his trip & activities.

It's exciting to consider how AI will transform not only our online lives but also our everyday lives.

 #ChatGPT did not dissapoint 😎🌴 https://t.co/5L5NAPtixr pic.twitter.com/txm4L6o9ZR— Nick (@fryingneurons) December 31, 2022 

 Update on my #ChatGPT adventure! 😎

The instructions took me to the beautiful town of Kintamani for a dip in the hot springs & a cafe that felt like it was above the clouds ✨ pic.twitter.com/sVjUam5iN9— Nick (@fryingneurons) January 2, 2023 

Other things we found:

An awesome AI spreadsheet assistant

 I spent the last 2 weeks building the ultimate AI assistant for spreadsheets.

It can:

- Autofill entire sheets just based off context

- Generate formulas and filter rows using text commands

- Directly integrate GPT-3 into your sheets

And more…

Here are a few examples:

(1/8) pic.twitter.com/ZAyc1WD8oi— Mehran Jalali (@mehran__jalali) December 28, 2022 

AIHelperBot: an AI that builds SQL queries

Poly uses AI to generate video game and other virtual assets, including textures for 3D models, using only text prompts

An AI image generation tool that can seemingly generate hands (which seems to be difficult for models such as Midjourney, Dall-E and Stable Diffusion).

 Fingers Fingers perfect AI fingers on #stablediffusion with the new Protogenx3.4 model

Look at the details 😍

Details - https://t.co/oVqE6uM2mk

Tutorial - https://t.co/334BqFeuck pic.twitter.com/4bWklVPmx9— 1LittleCoder💻 (@1littlecoder) January 2, 2023 


The AI copyright debate continues, AI played a big part in the creation of Avatar 2

🥋 Prompt Tip of the Week: How to get great video scripts from ChatGPT, posted by Scott Millard

 I experimented with video scripts on ChatGPT and cracked the code on how to do it right

Here are the results (You can do this too): pic.twitter.com/EDq9aeu9aJ— Scott Millard 🎬 (@scottcmillard) December 29, 2022 

The AI copyright debate continues

This year, the US Copyright Office plans to focus on addressing legal gray areas that surround copyright protections and artificial intelligence, amid increasing concerns that IP policy is lagging behind technology.

“The more difficult cases that are likely to come up in the future will be cases where there is some level of human creativity. And then the question is, does it rise to the level of authorship under all the case law that’s been developed over the years? So this issue was only going to get more complex and will continue to be before us.” — Shira Perlmutter from the US Copyright Office, speaking to Bloomberg Law

AI played a big part in the creation of Avatar 2

Avatar: The Way of Water used AI in various ways during its production, including in the creation of the film's special effects and in the development of the film's complex characters and storylines. The team used AI algorithms to suggest improvements to the script, to generate ideas for new scenes and plot twists, and to make adjustments to the computer-generated characters to better match the actors' expressions and movements.

Also read: Interview: ‘Avatar’ Director James Cameron On Art, AI And Connecting With Nature — read article

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Nick, PHØΞNYX, Sebastian, Ben Kanizay

This week's contest theme was NEW BEGINNINGS.

Winner: Nick


Created by PHØΞNYX

Created by Sebastian

Created by Ben Kanizay


Thank you all for your continued support. We're so glad to have you with us as pioneers in building the industry together!

See you next week!

-Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit

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