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  • 🧙‍♂️ Lore AI Issue #20: ControlNet buzz + Elon Musk wants to rival OpenAI

🧙‍♂️ Lore AI Issue #20: ControlNet buzz + Elon Musk wants to rival OpenAI

Cover AI Art by LunaMage

Good morning ☀️

Nathan called it earlier this week when he said Elon Musk would create his own rival to OpenAI... but it definitely happened a lot sooner than we expected.

What else happened in genAI? Let's dive right in.

We made this meme with ChatGPT and Supermeme.ai


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In today's issue:

  • 💡MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT: Simplified.com

  • SOLACE VISION (Sponsored)

  • 📰 AI NEWS: Elon Musk working on OpenAI rival, Snapchat launches AI chatbot, Instagram co-founders launch AI-powered news app, Nvidia leads AI chip race

  • 💰WHO GOT FUNDING THIS WEEK: Typeface, Colossyan, NeoSwap, Envisionit Deep AI, Voicemod, Source.ag, Brevity Pitch, Vouched.id, Robin AI

  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: ControlNet for Stable Diffusion

  • 🧠 LEARN SOMETHING NEW: Send AI gifts to friends and family

  • 📖 FURTHER STUDY: Additional industry links and resources



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AI tools are getting better and better. Here's an all-in-one platform for graphic design, writing, video & animation, and social media planning.

It's won some awards, plus we think it's pretty cool: check out Simplified.com 🤯

Solace Vision

Text-to-3D creation tool powered by AI and natural language. (Sponsored) 

🚩Sponsor spotlight🚩

Solace Vision is a new startup that is developing a novel approach to text-to-3D creation. Instead of a diffusion-based system, Solace Vision is focusing on procedural generation technology which outputs commercial-ready 3D model assets that are editable with text.

🚗 They just released their Alpha where you can generate and edit a 3D car model from scratch using text.

Solace Vision is based on object class generators, and the current generator they've released is for cars. They plan on releasing new object generators based on user request over the next few months, with some of the highly requested generators being for weapons, buildings, and environments.

To chat with the Solace Vision team, join their Discord here.

Key features

  • Create 3D model prototypes that can be exported.

  • Use text input to edit your 3D model creations.

  • Does not currently use external data, making it an ethical generative AI technology platform.


Elon Musk working on OpenAI rival, Snapchat launches AI chatbot, Instagram co-founders launch AI-powered news app, Nvidia leads AI chip race

Elon Musk hires team to develop OpenAI rival

After co-founding OpenAI in 2015 and later cutting ties with the company, Elon Musk is now working on his own flavor of generative AI — apparently in an attempt to combat the "wokeness" of OpenAI's safeguards.

Interesting read: The nonprofits accelerating Sam Altman’s AI vision — read article

Snapchat launches AI chatbot powered by GPT technology

Snapchat announced “My AI,” a new chatbot running OpenAI’s GPT technology, as an experimental feature for Snapchat+. My AI was trained to have a unique voice and personality that plays into its values about “friendship, learning and fun." CNBC | TechCrunch

AI-powered news app launched by Insta co-founders

The co-founders of Instagram have launched a new AI-powered news curation app called Artifact which is now publicly available.

Nvidia results show its growing lead in AI chip race

As the AI boom takes off, Nvidia is expected to emerge as the biggest winner among chipmakers. The company reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings last week (in stark contrast to a projected loss and dividend cut from rival Intel).

Related: Hard Times for AI Chip Startups — read article

In other news

  • Notion AI is now publicly available.

  • Jasper AI can now generate images.

  • Aleph Alpha, a European rival to OpenAI, is in talks amid AI boom to raise up to $100 million in new funding, sources say — read article

  • Bosch partners with AI firm for $100M fund to empower Web3 development — read article

  • Anthropic begins supplying its text-generating AI models to select startups — read article

Who got funding this week

Further reading on funding for AI startups

  • The AI Goldrush: 51 AI Startups In Y Combinator's First 2023 Batch — read article

  • Buzzy Storytelling Startup Tome Raises $43 Million From A Who’s Who In AI — read article

  • EI-backed Sure Valley Ventures fund bags €30m for high-growth AI firms — read article

  • Is AI the Next Gold Rush? Global Investment Skyrockets 633% — read article



Everyone's talking about ControlNet right now — a game-changing neural network structure that adds extra conditions to Stable Diffusion models, enabling significantly better levels of control and solving the problem of spatial consistency in AI image generation.

 Testing Multi-ControlNet on a scene with extended dialog, a range of facial expressions, and head turning. No EBSynth used. #AImusic from https://t.co/ALUtYCo6VU. Breakdown🧵1/15 #aicinema #controlnet #stablediffusion #aiia #aiartcommunity #aiva #machinelearning #deeplearning #ai pic.twitter.com/aTr9mNePnS— CoffeeVectors (@CoffeeVectors) February 28, 2023 

 Using tools like ControlNet, brands can transcend conventional boundaries of expression and explore new dimensions of creativity.

Here’s a cool experiment I did featuring the iconic Nike logo. #ControlNet #Nike pic.twitter.com/3F9vFRBH1O— Pietro Schirano (@skirano) February 28, 2023 

Read this reddit post for an example workflow.

What else we found this week

Fake AI-generated LinkedIn profile of startup founder gets funding offer in 24 hours

 I created a fake LinkedIn profile of a founder.

- AI-generated white male face

- Stripe alum

- Stanford dropout

- Going through YC

- "polymath"

Within 24 hours, I had a VC to reach out to invest. pic.twitter.com/6T5CzvBNeo— Roshan Patel (@roshanpateI) February 27, 2023 

Revamp your documentation with chat based search

 Today we are launching https://t.co/STfTiRTmjP on Launch YC 🚀 - @ycombinator 

Revamp your documentation with chat based search - embeddable with 1 line of code 🔎

We would highly appreciate your upvote! 😄

 https://t.co/0gzkJBQkOy pic.twitter.com/nGLNY3NRx7— Nicolas (@nickscamara_) February 27, 2023 

New AI workflows using combined tools

 new AI workflows are going to be insane for 3d artists 🤯 midjourney + blender + deepbump and in 30 seconds a cube looks like an ancient artifact pic.twitter.com/Zm4avwPX3m— aidan (@Aidan_Wolf) February 24, 2023 


Send AI gifts to friends and family

🥋 Prompt Tip of the Week: check out this Github repo for a comprehensive guide to prompt engineering 👨‍🎨

Make personalized gifts using AI art

Bring your digital art into the physical world by getting it printed on anything from socks to phone cases.

How to do it:

  1. Download your AI-generated image (you can use Canva to add text)

  2. Upload design to your chosen product on a print-on-demand site like Printful or Printify

  3. Ship product to yourself or a loved one

If you have a knack for business or an audience to monetize, this also is an easy way to create ecommerce products ✨

Further Study 📖

Long reads

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Keeping up with the AI industry

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  • AI can help us build imagination machines — read article

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Crime prevention

  • How AI can transform transaction monitoring and prevent financial fraud — read article

  • Resistant AI links with anti-financial crime firm Client Fabric Tech — read article

  • App to block child abuse images gets £1.8m EU funding — read article


  • Gaming innovation driven by Web3, generative AI, and more emerging tech — read article

  • AI learns to outsmart humans in video games - and real life — read article


  • How big investors are playing the latest AI trend overtaking Wall Street — read article

  • AI is the next ‘supercycle’, says Mubadala’s head of ventures — read article


New app uses AI to interpret the emotions expressed by non-verbal individuals — read article

Business, M&A

  • European VC firms Amadeus and Apex partner for €80M early-stage ‘deep tech’ fund — read article

  • Wise and Monzo founders back legal generative AI startup’s $10.5m Series A — read article


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-Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit

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