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Lore Issue #49: Google’s Gemini Is Coming

Good morning.

Another wild week in AI with rumors of Google’s Gemini and more.

From what I’ve been hearing from people who have tried Gemini, it’s GPT-4 quality but with entirely up-to-date information, which could make it a lot more useful than ChatGPT.

I expect we will see a flurry of AI announcements between now and the end of the year.

  • Data analytics platform Databricks raised $500M at a $43bn valuation (Link)

  • Helsing raised $223M for defense solutions, becoming the largest AI company in Europe (Link)

  • Drone startup Shield AI raised $150M at a $2.5bn valuation to build an AI pilot called Hivemind (Link)

  • Enterprise-focused generative AI startup Writer raised $100M (Link)

  • Pryon raised $100M to create a “trusted AI knowledge fabric” from an organization’s unstructured content (Link)

  • Pixis raised USD $85M to build codeless AI infrastructure for marketing (Link)

  • HiddenLayer raised $50M to Safeguard AI (Link)

  • Essential AI raised $40M to build LLM software (Link)

  • Darrow raised $35M to detect legal violations with AI (Link)

  • Series AI raised $7.9M for game-building tools (Link)

  • LastMile AI raised $10M to ‘operationalize’ AI models (Link)

  • Tailbox raised $1.5M for an AI-based tour guide (Link)

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China and the European Union held a High-level Digital Dialogue on Monday to discuss key issues including platforms and data regulation, AI, and cross-border flow of industrial data.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is trying to control potential negative consequences of AI without stifling innovation. On Monday, it shared new principles to prevent AI models from being dominated by a handful of tech companies to the detriment of consumers and businesses.

A small group of companies has been granted access to an early version of Google’s Gemini.

Short for Generalized Multimodal Intelligence Network, Gemini is intended to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, and is the most hotly-anticipated AI move from Google. It will likely be available to the public soon through Google’s cloud services.

Google has unveiled a major upgrade to Bard in an effort integrate it more closely into people’s lives. With Bard Extensions, Google is connecting its most popular consumer services to AI — including Gmail, Docs, YouTube, Flights, Hotels and Maps.

Other news

  • Microsoft AI Researchers Accidentally Exposed Big Cache of Data (Link)

  • Google and the Department of Defense are building an AI-powered microscope to help doctors spot cancer (Link)

  • Google DeepMind AI tool assesses DNA mutations for harm potential (Link)

  • Google Updates its SEO Playbook for Content Generated With AI (Link)

GPT-3.5-turbo-instruct has arrived

Filmmaking takes another leap forward with AI

Rapid 3D scanning and rendering

Web dev components built and iterated with text prompts

  • SummarAIze: Repurpose content from audio and video into social posts, email content and summaries (Link)

  • Visily: Create software wireframes and prototypes from hand-drawn sketches, app screenshots and built-in templates (Link)

  • Revoicer: Text to speech with realistic-sounding emotions (Link)

  • Emoji Kitchen: Combine your favorite emojis to create unique new ones (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

  • Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier: Field Experimental Evidence of the Effects of AI on Knowledge Worker Productivity and Quality (Link)

  • Language Embedded Radiance Fields for Zero-Shot Task-Oriented Grasping (Link)

  • Stack-and-Delay: a new codebook pattern for music generation (Link)

  • MindAgent: Emergent Gaming Interaction (Link)

  • LayoutNUWA: Revealing the Hidden Layout Expertise of Large Language Models (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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