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Lore Issue #41: Elon’s AI Play, ChatGPT Instructions, AI Video Levels Up

Good morning.

Big week with Elon’s AI plans coming together, ChatGPT instructions launch brings the biggest UX improvement yet, and Runway released Image to Video which brings us one step closer to Hollywood being disrupted.

Also, thank you to everyone that joined the Alpha waitlist last week! For those that missed it, Alpha is a product design agency for the generative AI age—created by Tiny in collaboration with Lore.

The response to the announcement far exceeded our expectations!

Join the Alpha waitlist here.

  • Mayfield Launches New $250 Million AI-Specific Seed Stage Fund. (Link)

  • GGWP raises $10M for AI-based platform to moderate multiplayer games. (Link)

  • Hippocratic AI, an AI healthcare platform funded by General Catalyst and A16Z, raises another $15M (Link)

  • Israeli startup Spiritt takes Seed funding to $13.5 million for AI platform that builds apps through verbal descriptions. (Link)

  • Gushwork.ai raises $2M, led by Lightspeed, to outsource business tasks to workforces trained in AI. (Link)

Harness the Power of Generative AI with Alpha

Navigating the new era of AI? Alpha is here to guide your journey. As a leading product design agency, Alpha specializes in unlocking generative AI's potential, transforming it into actionable solutions for your business.

Here's what Alpha brings to the table:

  • Interface Design: Alpha merges aesthetics with functionality, crafting user-centric interfaces that make AI intuitive.

    Model Selection: Alpha chooses the ideal AI models for your needs, optimizing performance and efficiency.

    Prompt Engineering: They're masters at designing prompts that produce precise, desired outputs.

    Fine Tuning: Alpha ensures AI models are perfectly trained and tuned for new domains and custom use-cases.

    Configuring API Usage: With Alpha, frequent changes in AI models don't disrupt your product operations.

    Data Protection: Alpha prioritizes your privacy, securing personal and sensitive data.

    With Alpha's three-step process - understand, build, unleash - you'll not only get innovative AI products, but also continual optimization to improve results over time.

    Due to high demand, they’ve got a waitlist. Your future with AI, empowered by Alpha, starts here. Join the waitlist today!

Elon Musk's Twitter Renamed to X, Poised to Become an 'Everything App'

Elon Musk's recent announcement of xAI raised many questions, particularly regarding its place within the wider ecosystem of Twitter and Tesla. However, the recent rebranding of Twitter to X, coupled with hints of an 'everything app' in the works, provides a clearer picture.

Amidst all the speculation about whether this move is a good idea or not, the primary aspect that seems to have been overlooked is that this is fundamentally an AI play. To build a new kind of everything app today, one must think from first principles about how to engage with diverse domains—from finance to entertainment, e-commerce, communications, and more—using AI.

We believe that this is the real plan. And, if it works, it could be the biggest company ever.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions Rollout

Turn on ChatGPT Instructions in Settings → Beta features

OpenAI's ChatGPT introduces a new feature: custom instructions, currently in beta for the Plus plan, with broad availability imminent. It allows users to dictate AI responses, significantly enhancing the relevance of interactions. Each conversation will remember your custom instructions, alleviating the need to restate preferences or information.

Whether a teacher focusing on a 3rd-grade science plan or a developer needing efficient non-Python code, ChatGPT adapts accordingly. This feature underscores OpenAI's dedication to providing tailored AI experiences.

We recommend exploring the list of instructions created by AngelList co-founder Nivi.

Runway Launches Image To Video

Following our recent comparison of upstart Pika Labs with Runway, we're excited to report a significant development that puts Runway back in the lead.

Runway added Image to video to Gen-2. This enhancement is producing some of the most impressive AI video content we've seen to date, sparking a surge in AI videos shared online. We highly recommend giving it a look.

*Note: The user interface is kind of confusing. To use Image to video, just use Gen-2 and upload an image and generate a video without using a text prompt.

Other news:

  • Apple is building an AI chatbot called Apple GPT, and it’s already being used internally. (Link)

  • OpenAI pulls AI detection tool due to ‘low rate of accuracy.’ (Link)

  • Netflix lists a $900,000 AI job as actors strike for AI protections. (Link)

  • AI is rewriting the rules of $200 billion games industry. (Link)

10 Examples of Runway’s New Image-To-Video

Min Choi created a great thread with examples of incredible videos people are already making with the new Runway Image-To-Video.

Google Researches Working On Brain2Music

Our friend, Rowan Cheung from The Rundown, shared an incredible research paper from Google with a demo showcasing a method called Brain2Music.

Mage Animate Creates Beautiful Animated GIFs from SD 1.5

This was a pleasant find, as we had never heard of Mage.Space. They’re a Stable Diffusion generation and exploration platform. And they just added a feature to make stunning GIFs. The examples are beautiful.

  • Submagic: AI for Video captions. (Link)

  • Eden AI: easily merge the top AI APIs into one. (Link)

  • Lindo: AI-powered website builder and blog post creator. (Link)

  • Rosebud: AI Personal Growth Coach. (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

  • Our Oppenheimer Moment: The Creation of A.I. Weapons. (Link)

  • Transform Images to Videos with AI: Simple Effects. Video by Matt Wolfe. (Link)

  • 3D-LLM: Injecting the 3D World into Large Language Models (Link)

  • What are GPT Agents? A deep dive into the AI interface of the future - By Logan Kilpatrick at OpenAI (Link)

  • Joe Rogan and Marc Andreessen talk ChatGPT. (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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