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Lore #66: Custom GPT Store Is Live

Good morning.

This week, OpenAI finally launched the Custom GPT Store. They also added some basic memory to ChatGPT for some users. Meaning that ChatGPT will remember things you said to it in the past to improve.

As I’ve previously written, Custom GPTs could be a huge opportunity to make money and bring awareness to your business. Similar to when the iPhone app store launched.

If you’re interested in creating your own custom GPTs, we have created a studio to help develop GPTs. If you’re interested, fill out the form below.

P.S. For this issue’s cover, we’re trying a new style that better represents the techno-optimist theme of Lore. The fantastic AI art of MEGS heavily inspired the style. If you aren’t already, you should follow her.

Lore - Venture Capital
  • 1X Technologies (formerly Halodi Robotics) raised $100M to bring humanoid robots into your living space (Link)

  • Quora raised $75M from a16z to grow Poe, its AI chat bot platform (Link)

  • Sakana raised $30M to build smaller AI models (Link)

  • Weavix raised $23.6M for frontline communication and efficiency solutions (Link)

  • Origin AI raised $15.9M to further smart home Wi-Fi sensing capabilities (Link)

  • Ask AI raised $11M for its Generative AI assistant for enterprise workflows (Link)

  • CellVoyant raised £7.6M to speed up the development of novel cell therapies (Link)

  • Peerlogic raised $5.65M for AI-driven dental practice technology (Link)

  • Steller raised $5M for its AI trip planner (Link)

  • Spot Technologies raised $2M to develop AI security tech tracking behavior analysis and security (Link)

  • Mercor raised $3.6M to assess and match talent with companies (Link)

  • Elv AI raised €500K to battle misinformation and hate speech online (Link)

AI Video Agency - Lore Labs

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Step into the forefront of AI innovation with Lore Labs. As a pioneering AI Video Agency, we're reshaping how stories are told and experiences are created.

What Lore Labs offers:

  • Creative Storytelling: Using advanced AI, we bring any concept to life, from advertisements to movie pitches.

  • Cutting-edge Technology: With tools like Runway and Pika, we're redefining the bounds of digital creativity.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailoring AI video to fit your unique needs, ensuring memorable and impactful results.

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News - Lore

Microsoft has launched Copilot Pro, a new $20 monthly subscription service that brings AI-powered features to Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for consumers.

Initially available to businesses, this service now allows individual users, including Microsoft 365 Personal or Home subscribers, to access AI capabilities such as generating PowerPoint slides from prompts, rephrasing paragraphs in Word, summarizing documents, and aiding with email composition in Outlook.

Copilot Pro also offers priority access to the latest OpenAI models, enhancements to image creation with DALL-E models, and a new Copilot GPT Builder for creating custom GPT models.

As the 2024 worldwide elections approach, OpenAI is focusing on three key initiatives: preventing abuse, ensuring transparency of AI-generated content, and improving access to authoritative voting information.

To prevent misuse, such as the creation of misleading deepfakes or chatbots impersonating candidates, OpenAI is refining its safety tools and usage policies, including red teaming new systems and building safety mitigations. For transparency, they are working on provenance efforts, like implementing digital credentials for images created by DALL·E 3 and developing a provenance classifier to detect DALL·E-generated images.

Additionally, ChatGPT is integrating real-time news reporting to provide balanced information. In the US, OpenAI collaborates with the National Association of Secretaries of State to direct users to reliable voting information on CanIVote.org and plans to extend these efforts globally.

Other news

  • Valve updated their AI policy. Steam will now be able to release the vast majority of games that use AI (Link). Watch a YouTube video about it here.

  • OpenAI Signs Up 260 Businesses for Corporate Version of ChatGPT (Link)

  • Musk wants 25% voting control at Tesla before fulfilling AI goal (Link)

  • Google AI has better bedside manner than human doctors — and makes better diagnoses (Link)

  • ChatGPT coming to an army near you (Link)

  • Australia’s light touch on AI rules comes with warning for business (Link)

Coolest Things - Lore

Podcast: Bill Gates speaks to Sam Altman

Using AI to find what doctors might have missed

Creating the simplest computer with Large Action Models

Sam Altman suggested that people build with the mindset that GPT-5 and AGI will be achieved "relatively soon"

Hero’s AI vision lets you scan personal items and see how much you could sell them for

AI Tools - Lore
  • Slayer: Generate high-quality custom audio stories, podcasts, and meditations (Link)

  • SpeakPerfect: Transform voice notes into polished, engaging text and audio in any language (Link)

  • Vidyo: Make short, social-ready captioned clips from long videos (Link)

  • Followr: Social media on autopilot — create social content, automate your calendar, and achieve time-saving efficiency (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

AI Further Study - Lore
  • TrustLLM: Trustworthiness in Large Language Models (Link)

  • PALP: Prompt Aligned Personalization of Text-to-Image Models (Link)

  • MagicVideo-V2: Multi-Stage High-Aesthetic Video Generation (Link)

  • PIXART-δ: Fast and Controllable Image Generation with Latent Consistency Models (Link)

  • MoE-Mamba: Efficient Selective State Space Models with Mixture of Experts (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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