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Create Brand Videos With Runway Gen-3

This Week: Runway's Gen-3 Launch, Claude's Real-World Impact, and the Fight for AI Innovation in California

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1) Things Are Getting Better

🧬 Breakthrough in Genome Engineering: Scientists at the Arc Institute have unveiled "bridge editing," a revolutionary new technology that allows for precise DNA manipulation without cutting. This advance could lead to:

  • More effective gene therapies

  • Innovative crop improvements

  • Accelerated progress in synthetic biology

Patrick Collison provides an excellent summary of this groundbreaking development, which he created using Claude (such a cool use case).

2) Create Brand Videos with Runway Gen-3

Gen-3 Alpha from Runway is now available to all paid users. We discussed it a lot in this week’s episode of The Next Wave.

Between this and Luma Labs, AI video seems to be good enough now to create brand advertisements and YouTube B-rolls. Within a year, it will probably be good enough to produce B-rolls for actual blockbuster films.

I created a thread with all of the best examples I’ve found:

The most impressive thing about Gen-3 Alpha is how good the text looks. It makes incredibly good-looking short videos with brand names. I could see lots of companies wanting to use these on social media or for advertisements.

AI Video For Your Brand

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3) The Next Wave AI Video Episode

In this week’s episode of The Next Wave, Matt Wolfe and I discussed the rise of Generative AI Video tools and how they will change entertainment, advertising, and much more. Check it out!

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4) Real AI Use Cases with Claude

For the past week, I've been extensively experimenting with Claude, Anthropic's AI. The progress is remarkable – Anthropic has evolved from being slightly behind in most areas (except writing) to becoming my go-to for almost everything AI-related.

In our latest episode of The Next Wave, Matt and I discussed how we've both largely transitioned our LLM usage from ChatGPT to Claude. It feels like we're reaching a tipping point where AI is becoming genuinely useful for everyday work.

I'm considering creating a database of the best use cases I've discovered. Here are two standout examples:

  1. Automating VC Deal Flow Analysis • Claude 3.5 Sonnet now analyzes every pitch deck received via email • It instantly extracts all metrics from PDFs, finds founder LinkedIn profiles, and extracts background information • The AI writes a summary to Notion and sends a link in Slack • This streamlines the initial screening process, allowing VCs to focus on high-potential opportunities • More details on X

  2. Interactive Decision-Making Tool • Claude can process vast amounts of data and preferences to create a personalized decision-making tool • It incorporates scoring and reward mechanisms tailored to specific needs • This approach allows for human+AI collaborative decision-making, ideal for complex choices • Brands can now calibrate their strategies considering both human insight and AI-driven analysis • More details on X

These examples showcase how AI is revolutionizing traditional workflows and decision-making processes. From streamlining investment analysis to creating sophisticated decision support systems, the applications are both diverse and impactful.

Question To Readers: Have you found any innovative ways to use AI like Claude or ChatGPT in your work? Share your experiences with me on X – I'd love to hear about them!

5) Tech Leaders Rally to Stop Harmful Anti-AI Regulations in California

This week, Anjney Midha, a General Partner at A16Z, announced a new initiative called StopSB1047.com to combat Senate Bill 1047 - a proposed law that could severely hinder AI innovation in the state. It was created by a coalition of California's leading AI developers, researchers, and founders.

Don't miss next week's episode of The Next Wave podcast, where we'll discuss the implications of this bill and the fight to preserve AI innovation in California with Anjney.

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