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Claude Becomes The New King of AI

Saudi AI Accelerator with SparkLabs, ElevenLabs reader app, Interview with Mariya Sha and Auto-Summarize Emails with Agent.ai

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P.S. I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined SparkLabs Group as a Venture Partner in AI.M, their new AI Accelerator and fund in collaboration with the Saudi Government. I’m doing what I can to help accelerate AI.

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1) Things Are Getting Better

Today, ElevenLabs, the AI voice company, launched its iOS app, ElevenLabs Reader. And it’s pretty incredible.

The app lets you listen to any article, book, or document using AI-generated voices. Imagine the acceleration in learning this could bring about. Even more inspiring, there's a review on their app from a blind user describing how it's transforming their life.

This is technology at its best – making information more accessible and improving quality of life.

2) Claude Becomes The New King of AI

While I've long supported OpenAI, I've recently made a significant shift in my AI usage. As of today, I'm primarily using Claude. If you haven't tried Claude from Anthropic recently, I highly recommend giving it another try. Their latest model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, is really good. Particularly in coding and writing.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet benchmarks

Claude Announces Projects(With Custom Instructions)

Collaborate with Claude on Projects

The game-changer for me has been Claude's new Projects feature, available for Pro and Team users. Projects allow you to organize your chats, curate knowledge, and collaborate with teammates in ways that go beyond simple custom instructions.

Key features of Projects include:

  • A 200K context window (equivalent to a 500-page book)

  • Ability to upload relevant documents, code, and insights

  • Custom instructions for each Project

  • Artifacts for visualizing and editing Claude's outputs

  • Team sharing capabilities (for Team users)

I've been using Projects to enhance my newsletter writing process. By uploading templates, style guides, and previous issues, I've essentially created an AI-powered editor tailored to my specific needs. The results have been impressive, significantly streamlining my workflow.

Where Is OpenAI?

Meanwhile, OpenAI recently announced that their AI voice features for GPT-4, which they demoed in May, won't be released for at least another month due to safety and scaling concerns.

While I still believe GPT-5 will amaze us later this year, and they may be way ahead behind closed doors, right now Claude is the best. And the fact that there is real competition is a great thing for AI acceleration.

3) The Next Wave With Mariya Sha

In this week’s episode of The Next Wave, Matt Wolfe and I spoke with Mariya Sha, host of Python Simplified, about whether coding jobs are at risk because of AI. Check it out!

It would also help if you subscribe to The Next Wave on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. That’d make HubSpot and me very happy. :)

4) Auto-Summarize Emails With Agent.ai

Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot, launched a new AI Agent, which I’ve started using frequently.

Forward any email to [email protected] and ask questions about the email, and it’ll respond.

My favorite use case is to have it summarize long emails. I suggest you try it out.

5) Question To Make You Think

Grammy-winning musician Will.i.am (@iamwill) recently said AI video will take Disney's power and give dreamers agency.

With AI, what will you create that was never possible before?

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