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Lore #75: Apple Gave Up on Building AI

Good morning,

What a wild ride the AI world has been lately! It seems like every week brings a new groundbreaking development, and this week was no exception.

First up, a sad day for Apple fans. After abandoning their car project, it appears they've also decided to give up on building their own AI. Instead, they've struck a deal with Google to power their AI efforts. I’m honestly pretty disappointed by this development. It feels like something is missing at Apple.

But anyway, it's a fascinating move that highlights the emerging big-tech alliances shaping the future of AI:

  • Google + Apple

  • Microsoft/OpenAI + possibly Amazon (they recently co-invested in Figure, a robotics company, so I have a feeling they will end up collaborating on AI in some form)

  • Tesla + X(which just open-sourced their LLM Grok)

  • Meta + IBM

On a personal note, I've been extensively testing Claude 3 Opus, and it’s awesome. It's now my go-to AI assistant, except for cases where I need the LLM to have personal information about me for customized advice (ChatGPT is still the best there because of custom instructions).

In other news, Sam Altman dropped a bombshell in his recent interview with Lex Fridman. He claimed that GPT-4 sucks compared to GPT-5, which he believes will be the true turning point in AI history. Considering how successful ChatGPT has been, that’s a huge statement that really reinforces all of the rumors coming out of Silicon Valley about how good GPT-5 is.

We continue to accelerate. With GPT-5 on the way, and GTC looking like Coachella this year, it’s obvious we’re not slowing down until AGI.

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Lore - Venture Capital
  • Together AI raised $106M for open-source AI models (Link)

  • Hippocratic AI raised $53M for its safety-focused LLM for healthcare (Link)

  • Proscia raised $46M for digital pathology software (Link)

  • Unstructured raised $40M to make raw data LLM-ready (Link)

  • HiLabs raised $39M to propel AI-driven data management solutions for healthcare entities (Link)

  • Pi Health raised $30M for cancer treatment (Link)

  • Nanonets raised $29M to produce an autonomous AI agent for back-office operations (Link)

  • Lily AI raised $20M for its retail AI platform (Link)

  • Cureskin raised $20M for its dermatology platform (Link)

  • RapidCanvas raised $7.5M for its auto AI platform built for businesses (Link)

  • Big Sur raised $6.9M for its e-commerce platform (Link)

  • Redcoat raised $4.24M for cybersecurity defense (Link)

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News - Lore

Apple is in discussions to integrate Google's Gemini AI engine into the iPhone, aiming to enhance upcoming iPhone software features. The terms and implementation details remain undecided, and an announcement is not expected until Apple's annual developer conference in June. Apple's exploration of AI collaborations also includes talks with OpenAI.

A potential agreement could significantly extend Google's AI reach across Apple's extensive device ecosystem, possibly addressing investor concerns over Apple's AI innovation pace.

NVIDIA just launched its Blackwell GPU architecture. With six revolutionary technologies, it promises up to 25 times less cost and energy consumption for running real-time generative AI on trillion-parameter LLMs. It's designed for breakthroughs in various fields, including data processing, engineering simulation and AI. Major cloud providers, server makers and leading AI companies are expected to adopt Blackwell, with endorsements from CEOs across the tech industry.

Other news

  • NVIDIA Launches Generative AI Microservices for Developers to Create and Deploy Generative AI Copilots Across NVIDIA CUDA GPU Installed Base (Link)

  • Microsoft and NVIDIA announce major integrations to accelerate generative AI for enterprises everywhere (Link)

  • Hey YouTube creators, it’s time to start labeling AI-generated content in your videos (Link)

Coolest Things - Lore

Lex Fridman talks with Sam Altman

OpenAI + Figure

Extropic generates randomness using heat

Nvidia’s digital twin of Earth predicts weather patterns

Project GR00T

AI Tools - Lore
  • MyMemo: Analyze and retrieve your digital knowledge (Link)

  • Delphi: Cloning tool designed for influencers, creators, experts, and coaches (Link)

  • Dora: Create a full website from a text prompt (Link)

  • Akool Face Swap: Studio-quality face swap in images (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

AI Further Study - Lore
  • MM1: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Multimodal LLM Pre-training (Link)

  • MoAI: Mixture of All Intelligence for Large Language and Vision Models (Link)

  • Stealing Part of a Production Language Model (Link)

  • Adding NVMe SSDs to Enable and Accelerate 100B Model Fine-tuning on a Single GPU (Link)

  • Unlocking the conversion of Web Screenshots into HTML Code with the WebSight Dataset (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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