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Lore Issue #47: AI for Business Conference Comes to San Francisco

Good morning.

I’m excited to announce I’m advising the AI for Business Conference coming to San Francisco on October 23rd.

They have a great list of speakers, including Robert Scoble, Moritz Baier-Lentz from Lightspeed, Emmanuel Maistre from Scenario, and many more great people.

Okay, enough promotion. A lot to cover today.

Let’s get to it!

  • AI21 Labs raised $155M at a $1.4B valuation to compete with Cohere, OpenAI and Anthropic in text-generating AI tools (Link)

  • ThetaRay raised $57M for its AI-powered global payment solution (Link)

  • Atomicwork raises $11M ao add AI to the employee experience (Link)

  • WINT Water Intelligence raised $35M for effective water management and leak prevention (Link)

  • Speak raised $16M to expand its language learning app to the US (Link)

  • Voxel raised $12M to improve workplace safety using computer vision (Link)

  • Intenseye is also raising funding for workplace safety (Link)

  • Context.ai raised $3.5M to bring product analytics to LLM-powered applications (Link)

  • Enzai raised $4M to help companies use AI safely (Link)

  • Harmonya raised $20M to assist retailers with AI-powered product data (Link)

  • Ellie.ai raised €2.5M for product design and collaboration software for data teams (Link)

  • AskUI raised €4.3M for AI-powered automation software (Link)

  • Koios raised $550k pre-seed funding for voice-driven AI hrtech (Link)

  • Floworks raised $1.5M for its AI assitant to make knowledge workers more productive (Link)

  • Kupu raised $6M for its AI recruitment platform (Link)

Coming up:

  • Market intelligence and search platform Alphasense is in talks to raise funding at a $2.5 billion valuation (Link)

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ChatGPT Plus users can now "talk" to Canva directly from ChatGPT.

Once the plugin is installed, graphics can be generated from a text prompt on ChatGPT, and then edited directly in Canva using the link provided.

Amazon has combined cutting-edge biometrics, optical engineering, generative AI and machine learning to create Amazon One, a palm-scanner for ID verification currently being rolled out to 500+ Whole Foods stores and several other locations.

Amazon trained a neural network on images of millions of artificial hands to reach palm reading accuracy higher than scanning two irises, stating that the key to its high accuracy was using synthetic data.

Crypto exchange Bybit has released a free AI-powered trading assistant that shares insights from the platform’s market data using ChatGPT’s large language model and Bybit’s in-house ToolsGPT.

Bybit isn’t the first to create an AI-powered trading tools — other companies include Crypto .com, Binance, OKX and Solana Labs.

Other news

  • How Google is Planning to Beat OpenAI (Link)

  • Indie game developers are leaning on the side of caution when it comes to integrating AI, worried that their work might get rejected by Steam

Using AI prompts to source leads

A voice-enabled AI therapist

a16z supports the AI dev community with open source AI grants

You.com’s new AI study buddy: YouPro

Simulating a software company with LLMs

Blending reality & imagination with AI

  • Regenerate by Descript: An AI audio editing tool to seamlessly generate snippets of spoken text in your audio files (Link)

  • Chatling: Create a personalized AI chatbot for customer support (Link)

  • Fireflies: Automatically record and transcribe meetings (Link)

  • Tie Out Assistant: Scans legal documents with AI to uncover problems in your cap table (Link)

Find more tools at FutureTools.io.

  • Champion-Level Drone Racing using Deep Reinforcement Learning (Link)

  • LLaSM: Large Language and Speech Model (Link)

  • Point-Bind & Point-LLM: Aligning Point Cloud with Multi-modality for 3D Understanding, Generation, and Instruction Following (Link)

  • CityDreamer: Compositional Generative Model of Unbounded 3D Cities (Link)

  • VideoGen: A Reference-Guided Latent Diffusion Approach for High Definition Text-to-Video Generation (Link)

That's it!

See you next week!

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