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AI's Creative Explosion

Runway Gen-3, Dream Machine by Luma Labs, NVIDIA Becomes #1 Company in the World, Apple/OpenAI Deal, and MIT's 3D Brain Imaging Technology

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AI's Creative Explosion

Wow. This week has been the most exciting week in AI for creative tools ever.

Two weeks ago, Kling the AI video model from China came out, which was pretty impressive. But this week, Luma Labs dropped the best public AI video model yet called Dream Machine. And the results are pretty incredible.

Here’s a great video from my friend Mattvidpro showing off everything it can do. The TLDR is this is the closest thing to OpenAI’s Sora that you can actually use. And for now, it’s free to use.

The Return of Runway

Runway, once seen as the leaders in AI Video, had been very quiet since OpenAI stunned the world with Sora. This week, they’re back with Gen-3.

From the demos, it looks better than Dream Machine and only slightly worse than Sora. Unfortunately, none of it is publicly available yet.

They also released a short and sweet blog post about General World Models (GWM). They describe it as an AI system designed to build internal representations of environments, simulating future events within those environments.

They say that unlike current limited-world models used in video games or specific contexts like driving, GWMs aim to handle many real-world situations and interactions. It feels like once this is nailed, so many new things will become possible.

Games with full-blown world simulations. Movies you can interact with and move around. Real-world training. So many cool new things could be tried.

There has never been a better time to be creative than now.

I talked to one creator on X who released an AI video and already has movie studios contacting him to try to hire him. I think people are going to be shocked at how much has changed and how fast. Creatives who know how to use AI will soon be contributing to major blockbuster films.

As an individual or business, I’d be thinking seriously about how you can take advantage of these new tools. Make videos with Dream Machine and music with Udio so you know what’s possible. You’ll probably be amazed by how good things already are. And, of course, this is the worst it will ever be.

Other creative tools with updates recently worth checking out:

NVIDIA Becomes Earth’s Largest Company

This week, NVIDIA became the largest company in the world. Thank you, gamers.

As a lifelong gamer, it’s wild to think that gaming played a part in bringing on the AI revolution. NVIDIA is #1 because of AI. NVIDIA would never be where it is now if it didn’t have to improve every year to make better video games possible to feed the insatiable hunger of gamers. And heck, even crypto, which many people hate on, played a role too.

NVIDIA basically has a monopoly on the graphics card market, and in the age of AI, they are the ultimate picks and shovels business. They have the best shovels capable of unlocking intelligence. If that’s not power, I don’t know what is.

The only thing I regret is not buying more NVIDIA stock. When I was 20 (almost 20 years ago), it was one of the first stocks I ever bought. One of my older friends asked me what stock he should purchase, and I told him NVIDIA. A month later, he sold all the stock.

I guess it could be worse…


The Next Wave: Our Thoughts on the Apple / OpenAI Deal

In this week’s episode of The Next Wave, Matt Wolfe and I tried a duo episode, discussing the Apple / OpenAI deal, Elon Musk’s issue with it, and more. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Things I’m Learning From

Things Are Getting Better

We’re one step closer to understanding the human brain. Which should lead to unlocks in intelligence and longevity.

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