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Lore #79: Adobe To Integrate Sora, Pika, and Runway Into Premiere Pro

Good morning,

Another crazy week in AI with Adobe announcing they will be adding AI video-creation tools to Adobe Premiere Pro, OpenAI launching a new LLM model optimized for Japanese, and much more.

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Google has expanded the availability of its advanced Gemini 1.5 Pro model to over 180 countries, introducing significant enhancements including native audio understanding and system instructions. This latest iteration, accessible via the Gemini API in public preview, also features a new File API and JSON mode for more precise control over outputs. Additionally, Gemini 1.5 Pro now supports audio and video modalities, allowing for complex reasoning across multiple formats. Developers can access these new capabilities and more through Google AI Studio, where they can also utilize the newly improved text embedding model that surpasses previous versions in performance.

Grok-1.5V, a first-generation multimodal model from Grok, is set to be released soon to early testers and existing users. This model enhances the processing of visual data such as documents, diagrams, and photographs, and stands out in the new RealWorldQA benchmark for real-world spatial understanding.

Adobe has unveiled a suite of generative AI tools designed to transform video creation within Adobe Premiere Pro. These tools, which include capabilities for extending clips, adding or removing objects, and integrating video and audio edits, are set to streamline workflows and expand creative possibilities for professional editors. Additionally, Adobe is enhancing its platform by integrating third-party AI models from companies like OpenAI, Pika Labs, and Runway.

Microsoft announced a significant investment of $2.9 billion over two years to expand its cloud computing and AI infrastructure in Japan. This investment will enhance Japan's digital capabilities and includes plans to train over 3 million people in AI technologies, open the first Microsoft Research Asia lab in Tokyo, and strengthen cybersecurity in collaboration with the Japanese government. The announcement coincides with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's state visit to the US, emphasizing the deepening partnership between the two nations in technology and security.

Other news

  • The Forbes 2024 AI 50 is here (Link)

  • Introducing OpenAI Japan (Link)

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  • Leave No Context Behind: Efficient Infinite Context Transformers with Infini-attention (Link)

  • OmniFusion Technical Report (Link)

  • Rho-1: Not All Tokens Are What You Need (Link)

  • LLM2Vec: Large Language Models Are Secretly Powerful Text Encoders (Link)


  • Microsoft invests $1.5B in UAE-based G42 (Link)

  • Upstage raised $72M to develop LLMs (Link)

  • Arcadia raised $50M to propel community solar and AI-driven energy solutions (Link)

  • Bridgewise raised $21M for AI-based analysis platform for global securities (Link)

  • DeepCure raised $24M to advance programs in immunology and inflammation (Link)

  • Neysa raised $20M for its AI cloud and platform as a service (Link)

  • Alethea Group raised $20M for AI disinfo detection (Link)

  • Dot Compliance raised $17.5M for AI-enabled Quality Management System (QMS) solutions (Link)

  • Udio raised $10M for AI music generation (Link)

  • Lawhive raised £9.5M for ‘AI lawyer’ that completes admin tasks (Link)

  • Qureight raised €8M to accelerate drug development in lung and heart disease (Link)

  • Spines raised $6.5M to upend hundred-year-old publishing process (Link)

  • HumanX raised $6M to launch the premier community for AI (Link)

  • Sapien raised $5M for AI-driven data labeling (Link)

  • Patlytics raised $4.5M to transform patent intelligence with AI (Link)

  • Sortium raised $4M for video game development (Link)

  • Inference Labs raised $2.3M to revolutionize AI with Proof of Inference (Link)

Coming up:

  • Elon Musk’s xAI Takes on OpenAI: $4 Billion Funding Goal Set (Link)

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